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allergic to new dummy or oral thrush?

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teuch Wed 27-Jun-07 16:22:38

hullo wise people!

DS got new dummies at the weekend and ahs developed a white patch on his lower lip, and has a few tiny white dots on the front of his tongue...

what you think? At first I thought he might be allergic to dummy, but could it be oral thrush?

He's been kinda off his way for a couple of days as well, diarrohea (sp?!)and sleep not great, but eating well.

I live on an island with no chemist, by the way...

chloesmumtoo Wed 27-Jun-07 18:18:43

Its probably sucking blisters. My kids never had dummies so Im not sure but I thought I had heard of sucking blisters before. Typed it into the computer and you can found lots about it. Sorry not a whiz on this so dont know how to create a link but try typing it in and see what you come up with!

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