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What is it with PMT?

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Tatties Tue 26-Jun-07 12:17:46

Is it nature's way of making you want to reproduce again so you don't have to experience this every month for a while?

Wisteria Tue 26-Jun-07 12:40:47

I think so yes - It's been 11 yrs since I had a baby and my PMT is horrendous at the mo! I'm a complete bitch to my DP who is an angel and I don't deserve him.. told him I'd have another baby last week..

Tatties Tue 26-Jun-07 21:26:21

Wisteria does it get worse as time goes on? I am not the easiest person to live with at the best of times but I am HORRIBLE at the moment

JackieNo Tue 26-Jun-07 21:32:09

PMT seemed to get worse for me after having children. But I have found that if I take that Magnesium-OK multivitamin religiously, it does seem to help. And it's helped with the painful breasts that I always used to get too. Have been taking it for 2 cycles now, and it's really made a difference, to my surprise.

Wotznotreallyhere Tue 26-Jun-07 21:32:24

Yes worse, but you know its going to happen and can control it better because you get to know your body better as you get older. That's what I find anyway.

divastrop Tue 26-Jun-07 21:35:45

i always find the first 12 weeks of pregnancy are like having PMT all the time,but 10 times worse!

at least with PMT i know i will feel human again for a couple of weeks when my period starts.

Tatties Tue 26-Jun-07 21:36:41

Earlier I wanted to cry because I couldn't work out the best way to hang up my washing Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Wotznotreallyhere Tue 26-Jun-07 21:41:47

My normal PMT rant is

"oh plese come on, work for me" normally directed at myself, fingers, feet, brain, legs...they just start to have a mind of their own and totally misbehave.

An ten there is the inane objects and I totally get the 'can't hang washing out' . Pegs start to have a personal vendetta against me.

Tatties Tue 26-Jun-07 21:53:48


Wotznotreallyhere Tue 26-Jun-07 22:03:05

Tatties - see you know that feeling don't you?

divastrop Tue 26-Jun-07 22:08:14

mine always starts with me believing my dp is about to leave the country with an 18 year old he's been having an online affair with for months(absolutley no basis in reality whatsoever)because im so fat,and usually progresses to crying about everything for a couple of days(you know,like forgetting to get a loaf of bread in tesco,that sort of thing),then my gob gets a life of its own and i start snapping at people and ranting at queue-jumpers in shops etc.then i put 7lb on,get loads of spots and fizzy hair,then af arrives and everything is ok again[smlie]

divastrop Tue 26-Jun-07 22:09:30

i didnt mention losing the ability to type as well

Wotznotreallyhere Tue 26-Jun-07 22:13:51

I drive reallly badly a few days before. I don't notice only dh does and that's how he can tell I am due on! No kidding.

Not to do with getting cross, but concentration.

moondog Tue 26-Jun-07 22:15:21

I really don't believe in PMT.
I think it's just an excuse for behaving badly meself.

divastrop Tue 26-Jun-07 22:15:58

are you a bloke then,moondog?

moondog Tue 26-Jun-07 22:16:43

Laydeee through and through.

Wotznotreallyhere Tue 26-Jun-07 22:16:57

Good job I don't have it now or else I would have to SHOUT at moondog!

moondog Tue 26-Jun-07 22:17:50

Have never experienced it in me life.

twoisplenty Tue 26-Jun-07 22:19:17

Does anyone get DMT - during menstrual tension?? If I don't get PMT, then I will get DMT instead!!

Wotznotreallyhere Tue 26-Jun-07 22:19:38

Well neither did my Biology teacher, who said stomach cramps were made up! Bloody biology teacher.

divastrop Tue 26-Jun-07 22:21:39

well ive never had a pain in the bollocks but that doesnt mean theres no such thing!

snowleopard Tue 26-Jun-07 22:23:12

It's a bastard. Mine has got worse since having DS and I should warn you moondog I have it now..... I yell at DP over various entirely trivial things, get absolutely uncontrollable cravings for sweet things, get spots, cry at the drop of a hat, get furious about things like people making a noise or walking slowly in front of me (don't yell at them, just fume) and like you divastrop I get in a state about DP being unfaithful, and even have dreams about it - but then it seems entirely rational at the time because I'm being such a cow.

Moondog, you're lucky. It's horrible to act like a horrible person, when that's not who you feel you really are, and feel unable to control it.

twoisplenty Tue 26-Jun-07 22:27:16

Well it sounds like we all have similar symptoms except for a few lucky what's the answer then? There must be something that will stop us feeling crap. I can't concentrate and I feel my world is a terrible place the day before, and then I realise that its not reality.

Any one know the cure?? Except pregnancy of course

moondog Tue 26-Jun-07 22:31:39

lol at Diva

Tatties Tue 26-Jun-07 22:46:20

Well I am not imagining this or using it as an excuse for bad behaviour, if only! It wasn't bad before ds, but boy do I know about it now. Mine starts with getting very annoyed that things in my house aren't in the right place. And it is always dp's fault. I want to scream. Then I can't make decisions and am generally useless and tearful... not much fun really but I am definitely NOT considering pregnancy as a cure

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