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mum haveing hernia op this week - whast it like

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FluffyMummy123 Tue 26-Jun-07 10:53:06

Message withdrawn

Enid Tue 26-Jun-07 10:56:47


So is mine!!!!!!!!!! next week

Enid Tue 26-Jun-07 10:57:41

I am going up at the weekend to visit - she is having on the 6th I presume she will still be in hosptial

i hear it is nasty after

werty111 Tue 26-Jun-07 11:00:56

My mum had one last week and she still in hospital now! Althought my mother is severly disabled so it was not as straight forward as normal.
She doing fine now though and will be home in a couple of days though hopefully
Se is a bit sore but thats to be expected i guess.

Hope all goes well and shes much better soon

FluffyMummy123 Tue 26-Jun-07 11:00:59

Message withdrawn

Enid Tue 26-Jun-07 11:01:37


FluffyMummy123 Tue 26-Jun-07 11:02:34

Message withdrawn

GameGirly Tue 26-Jun-07 11:05:49

Had one 4 years ago. Stayed in overnight. Thought I'd be back to work in 24 hours but took 2 weeks! I didn't feel great for a day or two, but after that it was fine. Not particularly painful, just rather uncomfortable, but it took me a while to get back to work just because my stomach was very swollen and tender and I couldn't face being bumped around on the underground. She will be fine, honestly. She'll just need TLC and a bit of company for a few days. Good luck!

FluffyMummy123 Tue 26-Jun-07 11:18:16

Message withdrawn

rydercup Tue 26-Jun-07 12:16:15

my father in law had one a couple of months ago. He went in to hospital at 1pm and was back home by 6pm - amazing!! He was a bit groggy and sore for a few days but 3 weeks later back driving etc. His recovery seemed remarkable!!

RLR Fri 29-Jun-07 11:01:00

i had hernia repair last year it was my second op in 3 months, i was in over night and was just sore after, i wasnt ill. she will just need to be carefull and not over do her self around the house when she comes home no lifting or moving things around.
hope she will be up and about in no time

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