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how long before coming on do you get bloated feeling?

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brimfull Mon 25-Jun-07 22:09:13

I seem to be getting bloated 7-10 dyas before am due.
Is this normal.I have always been quite irregular and recently have become more regular, so don't know what is normal.

ChipButty Mon 25-Jun-07 22:10:22

Mine has changed with each pregnancy. Now feel bloated 5-7 days before.

brimfull Mon 25-Jun-07 22:22:30

thanks chipbutty so I may be normal then?

hippipotami Mon 25-Jun-07 22:36:32

About a week for me, sometimes even a bit over a week, so I think you are normal!

brimfull Mon 25-Jun-07 22:43:13

ok thanks

sallystrawberry Mon 25-Jun-07 22:45:06

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TimeForMe Tue 26-Jun-07 09:47:00

A week to 10 days but more recently it just doesn't seem to go away from one period to the next! It's horrible!

At 42 could i be entering the menopause phase me ponders [hmmm]

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