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tell me something about scarlett fever!

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belgo Mon 25-Jun-07 21:16:47

A friend of dd1 had this last week. My dd1 played with her last monday and tuesday.

I know that it causes a high temperature and a rash, and needs to be treated with antibiotics, but please can someone tell me:

how long is the incubation period

what are the chances of dd1 catching it

how long would she be infectious for.

I'm worried because we go on a plane flight on 4th July.

Milliways Mon 25-Jun-07 21:22:41


Although scarlet fever used to be a very serious disease, most cases today are quite mild. Scarlet fever can be passed on through bacteria in airborne droplets from coughs and sneezes. In some cases it can follow infection from other sites, including wounds and burns.

It takes around 2 – 4 days to develop symptoms after being infected. If you think your child has scarlet fever, it’s a good idea to consult your GP.

There is no evidence to suggest that catching scarlet fever when you are pregnant will put your baby at risk.

belgo Mon 25-Jun-07 21:27:23

thanks Milliways! I tried googling it, but didn't come up with anything reader friendly.

So if she was exposed 6-7 days ago, and hasn't shown any symptoms, it's safe to say she hasn't got it?

Her nursery school teacher told me that they have it for 10 days before symptoms appear! Looks like she is wrong.

Milliways Mon 25-Jun-07 21:46:13

FIngers crossed for you

LIZS Mon 25-Jun-07 21:53:00

It is very contagious and incubation period short. Even if she gets it after 24-48 hours of ab's she is no longer contagious. A sore throat and vomiting with fever are often first signs , or she may get Strep throat(same bacteria) but no rash if she's never been exposed before. Any symptoms and go straight to gp for a swab.

chocolatekimmy Mon 25-Jun-07 22:08:21

my daughter had it last year, started with a rash on cheeks then it spread down the body. No other symptoms. Her 2 year old sister didnt' get it. rash disappeared from the top down

chocolatekimmy Mon 25-Jun-07 22:08:56

Didn't take antibiotics as she wasn't unwell, disappeared by itself

essbeehindyou Mon 25-Jun-07 22:10:44

Message withdrawn

Tiggiwinkle Mon 25-Jun-07 22:13:03

My DS is just getting over it. He came down with it very quickly after being exposed. (after 48 hours). They are quite poorly with it-very sore throat, sickness and quite a high temperature-but improve quickly with antibiotics, which are essential to prevent complications.

noddyholder Mon 25-Jun-07 22:14:11

I had post strep/scarlett fever complications which could have been avoided with penicillin so I would say go for it if you can

Tiggiwinkle Mon 25-Jun-07 22:16:48

Antibiotics are considered essential with scarlet fever as it can lead to problems with the kidneys and also rheumatic fever if untreated. You are asked to take them back to the GP after a couple of weeks for a check-up where they test the urine.

Tiggiwinkle Mon 25-Jun-07 22:17:28

Cross-posted noddy!

noddyholder Mon 25-Jun-07 22:18:30

this is v important!

Tiggiwinkle Mon 25-Jun-07 22:21:09

Were your kidney problems originally started by SF noddy?

noddyholder Mon 25-Jun-07 22:21:46

yes and a damaged heart valve.

Tiggiwinkle Mon 25-Jun-07 22:32:57

Sorry to hear that-it really brings it home how important it is to get treatment. A lot of people dont realise do they?
I was furious because the hospital receptionist tried to turn us away the other day when I took DS5 to a and e with it.(It was a weekend and I knew what it was as one of my other sons had it some years ago.) She tried to say they would not treat him as he had not been ill long enough ! Luckily as I say I knew what it was and insisted on him being seen. The doctor obviously agreed and gave us the ABs.

belgo Tue 26-Jun-07 07:16:39

Thank you everyone who has answered. My mother had rheumatic fever as a child - she was very ill and spent a year in hospital - and I wonder if untreated scarlet fever was the cause?

robinpud Tue 26-Jun-07 07:34:31

Belgo- please make sure that your child does develop the rash and temperature that it is treated immediately. Kawasaki disease which is not nice at all is often mis diagnosed as scarlet fever which means it isn't treated properly and can leave people with lasting heart trouble.
I'm not normally a bringer of doom but have seen at first hand the damage this disease causes.

robinpud Tue 26-Jun-07 07:34:57

should say "if your child" oops

belgo Tue 26-Jun-07 07:58:05

I will do Robin, she's been fine so far.

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