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Teenager strange marks on face

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BibiThree Sun 16-Dec-18 11:13:41

My 14yo did woke last week with 4 short lines on her cheek, like a scratch, with no obvious cause. She doesn't wear jewellery or a watch to bed, there was nothing that she could have slept on, but they faded. They've come back this week and we are at a loss as to what they could be - any ideas?

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BibiThree Sun 16-Dec-18 11:14:44

The skin isn't broken, it's like broken capillaries under the skin. Last week they were more defined, almost like a cat scram.

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bobstersmum Sun 16-Dec-18 11:26:50

Could be eczema? My dd is only a toddler but gets strange little clusters of it, some are scratch like, some are little patches and most recently it covered her whole back. It's different for everyone I think.

BibiThree Sun 16-Dec-18 13:13:18

That's a possibility, she had pretty bad eczema as a baby/toddler, but nothing in years. Thanks.

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BibiThree Sun 16-Dec-18 13:14:08

The surface skin is smooth and not dry or damaged at all though.

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VioletCharlotte Sun 16-Dec-18 13:21:07

It looks like she's been scratched by finger nails. Could she have scratched herself in her sleep?

BibiThree Sun 16-Dec-18 14:47:14

We already tried to recreate that, they're too close together to be scratch marks from her nails.

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tinstar Sun 16-Dec-18 15:29:40

It could just be one nail op - so she scratches with just her index finger but moves it slightly each time of you see what I mean? If you have an itch you tend to scratch the area rather than a very precise place.

Momof2nashville Mon 04-Nov-19 18:03:12

Did you determine the cause. My daughter has this same issue. Dermatologist has I idea what it is

Momof2nashville Mon 04-Nov-19 21:27:25

I am trying to figure out what these are. My teenage daughter has them too. The dermatologist states it is external caused but we know for a fact that it is not something she has laid on. The marks come back to nearly the same place each time.

nailslikeknives Mon 04-Nov-19 21:38:04

Is she lying on something? Hard seam on a pillow, edge of a phone case, crease on the sheet?

Seaweed42 Mon 04-Nov-19 23:47:29

Could it be a food she is eating, or a medication? Take a note of everything eaten in the 24hr before the marks appeared. At least it might solve it.

Frogqueen13 Mon 04-Nov-19 23:56:01

Looks like shes slept on a zip? Has she been asleep in a hoodie? Or a onesie with a zip? Or a worry monster typer toy?

JoanieCash Mon 04-Nov-19 23:59:27

ZOMBIE thread

Momof2nashville Tue 05-Nov-19 04:27:52

We are starting to keep a diary but nothing yet. No medicines. It appeared this past week in the middle of the day. She had not been lying down. Strange...

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