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How easy to catch roundworms from dogs?

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LittleB Mon 25-Jun-07 14:48:59

We've got a 2yr old dd and 16wk old puppy. Puppy regularly wormed, last wormed on Friday and passed and vomited roundworms yesterday. I've spoken to the vets and they're going to give him a dose of drontal aswell as the advocate he had friday as they think he must have been carrying alot of worms (we stayed on a farm just after he was wormed before and we think he picked them up then). I'm just worried that dd could get them, i know children can get round worms but can't find much about them, only thread worms. We clear up the puppys poos quickly and dd always washes hands before eating etc, but they do play with each others toys. Dd seems fine, no symtoms, no itching, still in nappies so would see worms, but the pupppy showed no signs of having worms until I wormed him, except a good appetite and little round tummy which dd has anyway! Should I be worried? What should I keep an eye out for? Will post this on pets too!

hellobello Mon 25-Jun-07 17:13:26

Don't worry - all puppies have worms and all that we can do is keep our dogs from becoming infested and ill. Dogs become very thin if they have a worm infestation, but they do recover once treatment is started.

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