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I have Slapped Cheek and.....

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Lucycat Mon 25-Jun-07 14:34:16

it looks as though i have the most fabulous sun-tan!

ok so it's bit itchy and blotchy but even so

dd2 also has it but only on her face so far - nice eh?

PestoMonster Mon 25-Jun-07 14:40:25

My dd1 had this over half-term and felt really rough before all the rash came out and after that she couldn't sleep at night for itching. Had to dose her up with Piriton daily, so watch out!

Lucycat Mon 25-Jun-07 14:52:24

Oh your poor dd....It does feel like prickly heat.

dd2 has had a runny nose for about 4 days which is a precursor to the rash - but it's doing the rounds at nursery so I'm not surprised.

they've said she can go back into nursery as long as she feels well, which she does.

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