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Tonsillitis/strep throad and antibiotics

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dinosaur Mon 25-Jun-07 14:14:58

I had a very sore throat last week - felt like there were a couple of golf balls lodged down there - so went to out of hours GP and got prescription for abs.

He said that as they were stronger than the usual antibiotics, although he was giving me seven days worth, I would only need to take them for five days, so I finished the course last Thursday.

However my sore throat has come back with a vengeance. I've made another GPs appointment for Wednesday (the earliest I could get one) but can I start taking the remaining two days' worth of abs in the meantime?

liath Mon 25-Jun-07 14:17:31

What antibiotic? If it's strep throat you'd be best having a 10 day course anyway so probably no harm in restarting them pending your GP appointment. HTH

dinosaur Mon 25-Jun-07 14:18:39

They are amoxycillin 500 mg.

liath Mon 25-Jun-07 14:20:06

They should do the trick!

dinosaur Mon 25-Jun-07 14:20:53

Okay I will restart them. Thanks liath!

paulaplumpbottom Mon 25-Jun-07 14:21:47

I would have thought it ok to restart

dinosaur Mon 25-Jun-07 14:49:41

Hope so - I've restarted them now .

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