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anyones child ever had an ingrowing toe nail removed??

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cheeryface Mon 25-Jun-07 13:51:19

ds1 has and it's looking a bit icky. nurse has visited for the last time today and says if it still looks dodgy to me on wednesday then g.p for antibiotics.

does anyone have any experience?

cheeryface Mon 25-Jun-07 14:20:56

no one ??

suedonim Mon 25-Jun-07 14:41:09

Ds2 had two ingrowing toenails - yuk! The smell was gross. <vomit emoticon>

He had antibiotics but they proved to be a temporary solutuion. In the end we paid a chiropodist to deal with it and it was worth the money. He only took a small sliver from the side of each nail, didn't remove the entire nail. We had to bathe and dress his toes for a while but it did the job.

Twiglett Mon 25-Jun-07 14:45:10

I've had mine done

I was petrified beforehand imagined all kinds of agony

absolutely nothing to it

they cut round the bit and lift it out the opposite way to how its growing into the skin (I had visions of them having to pull it out through that)

don't worry .. I'd get a chirpodist to do it though (rather than a nurse) .. I recommended mine to my friend who's 4 year old had an ingrowing toenail and she said no problem either

saffymum Mon 25-Jun-07 15:03:03

My ds was not even a week old and he had a terrible ingrown toenail it was luminous green underneath and really sore. We didn't know why he was crying until we bathed him that night. we went to the children's ward where they said it didn't need syringing and gave us a course of antibiotics and it cleared up in a few days. It was a middle toe and at the front the paper thin nail went into the skin. The more grown up version required surgery to cut the nail down. How old is DS1? I recommend open shoes and no socks as much as possible and cut the nail straight, no curved edges.

cheeryface Tue 26-Jun-07 11:42:18

ds1 has just had the toenail or part of it removed!

he had it done at the hospital and then they have sent the district nurse twice to wash and dress it.
when she came yesterday she thought it looked a bit infected but wasn't sure.

i have just been and got antibiotics for him, although the doctor hasn't undone the dressing and actually looked ( bandaging not his thing apparently )

i am now supposed to wash and dress it every day for two weeks i think.

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