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Tingling in hands, feet extending to arm and calves - what could it be?

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Pyra Thu 13-Dec-18 09:35:10

Since the past couple of months I have noticed a frequent feeling of tingling / numbness in my limbs, and occasionally on my face. This started with hands and face. I ignored it initially thinking it was stress related (I have other health concerns), or perhaps carpal tunnel.

The tingling / buzzing feeling now sometimes extends to patches on my forearm and calves. It is usually a mild buzz, but sometimes feels sharper - like needles and pins. I have seen the GP for it this week, and somehow have been referred to Rheumatology, since Neurology referrals take ages apparently. GP did mention multiple sclerosis and that has scared me - I don't have any other direct symptoms I can think of at the moment, but perhaps this is symptom enough?

I had B12 tested 2 months ago - it was towards the higher end of the range. My TSH is 3.2 tested 2 weeks ago. I am on 40 mg Omeprazole every day due to dysphagia which is likely caused by acid reflux. But this symptom of tingling is new and persistent and roughly started a month after the Omeprazole. My ESR is slightly elevated (25) but was this in February when it was first tested, although my gastro consultant (I am seeing someone privately for the dysphagia) thinks this is not high enough to warrant concern. He has asked me to test magnesium levels. I have recently had an eye test and that was alright.

What could this be? I can relate to face tingling when I am anxious, but definitely not hands and legs and it is patchy. I am travelling abroad over the next couple of weeks, so was thinking of getting some tests done there to rule out other common causes. Do I need to see a neurologist at this stage?

Thank you.

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Frosty66611 Thu 13-Dec-18 09:43:05

I had similar issues last year and was told by the doctor that it was probably MS. I was referred to a neurologist and had a brain and spinal MRI and various other tests and blood tests. Everything came back normal (thank god) apart from my magnesium and calcium rates were too low (if you google the symptoms of this they can cause tingling and numbness in certain parts of the body).
I also suffer badly with anxiety and I’ve noticed when I’m calm and relaxed (not often) that I don’t have any tingling/twitching/numbness for a day or two.
Is your tingling and numbness always in the same spot? I was told by the neurologist that it’s much less likely to be something like MS if it happens in random areas and never the exact same place each time.
Check out the babinski reflex check on YouTube that you can do yourself at home. It’s very common for people in the early stages of MS to fail that test. Good luck and I hope it’s nothing serious x

BlackInk Thu 13-Dec-18 09:46:25


It would probably be a good idea to see whether you can get more blood tests. The symptoms you describe could be caused by a few different deficiencies including vit D, B12, folate, iron, etc.

Acid-reducing drugs like Omeprazole can inhibit how well you absorb nutrients, so it's worth getting B12 retested too, although tests won't give accurate results if you're already taking any supplements? There's a test for active B12 which measures the amount your body has available for absorption, rather than the amount floating around in your blood.

I've had

TherightsideofHERstory Thu 13-Dec-18 09:47:45

Can't post fully at the moment but my Dad had issues with Omeprazole and magnesium deficiency, will try and have a proper look later

Pyra Thu 13-Dec-18 10:00:38

Thanks - this is all super helpful. I will get Ca, Mg, B12 tested.

Frosty, the tingling moves around - not in the same spot, but it is in extended areas e.g. half of my forearm. I thought because it was extending upwards from hands, feet into arms and legs, it may signify MS.

I tried the Babinksi reflex with help from Youtube - it didn't happen in either foot.

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woolduvet Thu 13-Dec-18 11:26:24

I'm very similar. Pain at the top of my spine, biting scalp, hot spots, then tingling/numbness going down my face.
Then my hands and face
Then random numb spots on my forearms and calves.
I'm on Gabapentin, doesn't really help.
I've had an mri to rule out ms
Having another to look at my spine.
I wanted a referral to rheumatology. But my go said as soon as I do that they'll call it fibro and stop investigating.

Pyra Thu 13-Dec-18 12:24:06

Woolduvet, oh dear. Have you had bloods done for deficiencies? What specific rheumatological problems might cause this, do you know?

I am scared that in my case my other concern - difficulty swallowing due to Esophageal dysmotility is linked to these symptoms, e.g. all may be caused due to nerve damage e.g. MS or something else. I'm hoping it is something less critical, though.

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NaToth Thu 13-Dec-18 12:56:16

A TSH of 3.2 may be within the reference range, but it is above the bar for treatment in most developed countries. I'd want some more testing, possibly privately if the GP won't play ball.

Also, as others have said, Omeprazole is notorious for causing vitamin and mineral deficiencies, which is why it is only recommended for use on a short term basis.

woolduvet Thu 13-Dec-18 13:18:32

I have a blood cancer so have lots of blood test, I'm hoping they've done the basics...
Possibilities are fibro or chronic fatigue
I also have pain in joints.... falling apart!

wagnbobble Thu 13-Dec-18 21:32:12

I have had the same symptoms for some months - bloods normal as were nerve conduction tests. Am peri menopausal and anxious which both ( I believe) contribute to and aggravate this.

Pyra Thu 13-Dec-18 22:18:57

Wagnbobble, do you still get the tingling / numbness or is it better now? Any meds?

Mine seems to have progressed rapidly over the course of a month or so. Earlier it was infrequent and only on face or hands and a mild buzz at that. now it moves around arms and legs, more to left side, but also on the right, and can feel like needles and pins which is quite worrying.

Can they test for perimenopause? I assume that can be determined by checking fsh or other hormones?

I do hope I can figure out the cause soon, and that it is not linked to my swallowing difficulty.

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Fightthebear Fri 14-Dec-18 16:24:56

If it helps i’ve had pins and needles /numbness for nearly 2 years. On second visit to gp got a referral to neurologist. MS was mentioned as a possibility.

After mri scan, bloods and nerve conduction tests turns out there’s nothing wrong with me. Neurologist said these symptoms are quite common in middle age and in about 50% of referrals there’s no underlying cause found.

Hope that reassures you a bit.

QueenCity Fri 14-Dec-18 17:07:46

I had numbness and tingling. It was a vitamin D deficiency so definitely get that checked.

Oldmum55 Fri 14-Dec-18 19:20:55

Fightthebear that's great to know. I've put my occasional pins and needles and numbness down to poor peripheral circulation due to ageing. Glad to see that the neurologist agrees hat these symptoms are common in middle aged and older people without an obvious cause .

Fightthebear Fri 14-Dec-18 20:02:55

Yes, maybe push for a neurology referral if symptoms persist but I wish I’d known what the consultant told me 18 months ago, it would have saved me a LOT of worry.

wagnbobble Wed 19-Dec-18 18:34:25

Pyra they were ok when I wrote my message but bad at the moment ! I'm 49 so assume I'm peri menopausal though symptoms do seem worse around my period . Anxiety convincing me it's MS so glad to see comments above !

tinysleepy Thu 20-Dec-18 19:43:54

B12 & folate patches from amazon, brilliant & life-changing!
I had buzzing, numbness and tingling in my face, arms, feet & face. Saw neurologist who said peripheral neuropathy - was questioning diabetes.
All pretty much resolved after using these patches. I don't get on with oral supplements as they give me reflux.
Good luck x

Oddsocksandmeatballs Thu 20-Dec-18 19:52:56

I have numbness and tingling in arms and left leg, nerve conduction studies, a CT and an MRI scan revealed herniated discs in my neck which are possibly impinging on nerves and causing the symptoms

woolduvet Thu 20-Dec-18 20:16:47

Do have pain with that oddsock? I get pain right at the top of my spine, radiating up

Oddsocksandmeatballs Thu 20-Dec-18 20:29:06

Headaches and a strange pain radiating from my left armpit, it almost feels like a dead arm.

woolduvet Thu 20-Dec-18 20:48:15

Thanks, sorry you feel like that. People seem a bit stumped with me, having another mri next week so hopefully that'll shed some light!

Bhai12345 Tue 25-Jun-19 11:24:22

Hi. I am in the same boat. Got pins and needles in feet and hands. I had it continuous for 2 weeks, it stopped for 6 weeks and now its back. I had MRI done and bloods, everything came back normal. Do you still have it? What do you think helped?

SinkGirl Tue 25-Jun-19 11:27:15

Peripheral neuropathy. I hoped I’d found the cause when my vit D came back very low but no, it’s normal now and no improvement. I’m sure it’s thyroid related (I have all the symptoms of hypothyroidism) but my levels are similar to yours, not
Optimal but not enough for treatment

PenguinsRabbits Tue 25-Jun-19 14:20:53

I have had pins and needles / arms going dead really easily constantly past months and constant numbness in all fingertips. Came on suddenly after I collapsed and couldn't move or talk for few minutes.

Not sure what it is - just had MRI, failed Babinski, walking in straight line, Rhomberg tests and a few other neurological ones. CT with no contrast was clear. Am mid 40s but not menopausal but hormones are probably all over place, likely to be peri. Don't get in hands or feet. Got it occassionally before but always put that down to posture or anxiety but not sure about this. I also had aches which went with magnesium and my iron goes low sometimes.

PenguinsRabbits Tue 25-Jun-19 14:24:41

Not sure if related but also get if been seated a while I get up then legs give way and I collapse. I can get up again and after 5 mins or so I am just back to my usual level of dizziness.

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