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All I want for Christmas (well, summer hols) is my two front teeth...

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emsiewill Sun 24-Jun-07 22:50:46

Dd2 (8) lost her 2 front teeth at Christmas time. One of them has come through and is fine, there is no sign of the other.

I haven't been too worried about it (bad mum! ), was thinking I would mention it at the next check up, due soon.

However, when I phoned for an appointment, they couldn't fit us in until September .

Do I need to insist that she's seen sooner, or is this not an urgent matter? - my thinking is that if there's no tooth there, then a month or so to wait isn't going to make any difference...

sandcastles Mon 25-Jun-07 04:12:06

No, your not a bad mum...imo, it's not really worth worrying about just yet. They usually appear at around 7, but that is just a guide. You are right, if there is no tooth at all a month won't matter.

Tbh, if the tooth is there, there is little they will do at this stage. I have known dentists to surgically open the gum & attach an orthodontic ligature to the tooth (that isn't coming thru) & also to the teeth either side, to pull it up. This is usually only done if the teeth either side are adult teeth & your dd is a little young to have such invasive action just yet.

Mention it on the next exam, they may well take an xray & reassure you. Or it may just start to put in an appearence by then.

fearscape Mon 25-Jun-07 09:37:35

I am missing my two front teeth (not the very front ones, but the two incisors between the very front two and the canines) on top. My milk teeth were there but adult ones never existed. Neither me nor my mum noticed until the dentist pointed it out when I was about 11! So if you are a bad mum I don't know what that says about mine . I did have to have a brace as the teeth had all moved over to fill in the gaps left by the milk teeth and left a bit of a gap on one side, but apart from that have never had any problems and no one has ever noticed - the few people I have pointed it out to have been really surprised.

emsiewill Mon 25-Jun-07 16:52:54

Thanks both for your advice, glad I am not being neglectful!

She does have adult teeth either side of the gap, I guess that is my main thought - that they may move out of place if they have nothing to rest against.

But then I'm obviously not a dentist, so could be making things up...

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