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DS(13) needs lots of sleep. Why?

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jandeb Thu 21-Jun-07 21:25:48

Does anyone know what I can do for DS, he never seems to wake up refreshed in the morning and needs to go to bed before the younger kids. He has been like this sinse he was small and I thought he would grow out of it.

Washersaurus Thu 21-Jun-07 21:40:46

I can remember my younger brother being like this at about that age - my dad was so worried he took him to see the doctor who did some blood tests to check for diabetes etc. It turned out he was perfectly healthy, just needed lots of sleep!

Does he need to raise his energy levels by doing more exercise, does he eat healthily?
Is he getting a good quality nights sleep? (Is his bed comfy etc)

elasticbandstand Thu 21-Jun-07 21:48:52

does he need his iron levels checked?

i know teeenagers do need lots of sleep, but then you said he had alwys been like it. maybe he just does. are you the same/similar?

elasticbandstand Thu 21-Jun-07 21:52:46

perhaps he snores, needs his nasal passages checked?

jandeb Thu 21-Jun-07 22:20:19

I have thought about all these things for years but now am starting to think there must be something else, because everything else is in order with diet, sleep, exercise.
when he sleeps he does get a good sleep and will fall asleep anywhere.

Washersaurus Thu 21-Jun-07 22:37:48

Why not just take him to see the GP for a check up then - they will probably do a few tests to check his iron, blood sugar levels etc.

I wouldn't think there is anything wrong though; my younger brother is now nearly 30 and still loves his sleep. None of us are the bright and cheery morning types anyway (my problem is staying up too late on MN though )

jandeb Thu 21-Jun-07 23:20:53

yes thats what i intend to do, but its not just needing alot of sleep he wants and does lots of activities like rugby, swimming, cycling etc. he seems to drag himself to do things and puts a lot of effort into it but it seems pathetic what he can acheive.

CountessDracula Thu 21-Jun-07 23:37:48

glandular fever?

jandeb Fri 22-Jun-07 22:54:44


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