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do you use organic products?

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cheeryface Wed 20-Jun-07 21:15:51

after reading up on all the potentially harmful chemicals in our skin care and hair care productsi have been checking out some of the natural suff.

it seems though that even some of the ones in holland and barratt claiming to be natural still have some dodgy stuff in them.

apparently Aubrey organics are good, has anyone tried them?

hellobello Wed 20-Jun-07 22:04:29

I don't know anything about dodgy chemicals - everything we put on our skin is made of chemicals, natural or not. I've started using Shea butter which I like. It's really thick and greasy, and I like that I can rub my eyes without pulling my skin around too much. Apparently it has a bit of sun protection and it has vits that are good for your skin. I think L'Occitaine (sp) do cream with Shea butter in it, but it's much cheaper to get it without the expensive name.

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