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Can I lay out my ignorance for all to see, and ask a question about tampons?

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colditz Mon 18-Jun-07 17:20:41

... It's the sort of thing I should have asked when I was 14, but here we go...

When you have period clots, and you are using tampons, where does the clot go? If you are using pads, it goes onto the pad, so what about tampons?

DrNortherner Mon 18-Jun-07 17:21:14

I guess it just clings on, kind of..

Pinkchampagne Mon 18-Jun-07 17:21:34

It goes on the tampon!

FioFio Mon 18-Jun-07 17:21:42

Message withdrawn

colditz Mon 18-Jun-07 17:22:09


hana Mon 18-Jun-07 17:22:28

tampons are really really absorbant, it would be absorbed into the tampon as more blood etc was lost

colditz Mon 18-Jun-07 17:22:29

like flags out of a magician's pocket

FioFio Mon 18-Jun-07 17:22:55

Message withdrawn

Pinkchampagne Mon 18-Jun-07 17:24:25

Lol @ the magician comment!

Have you never ever used a tampon??

colditz Mon 18-Jun-07 17:25:01

Nope, never.

My mother told me you couldn't use them if you were a virgin

Then as I got older, and lot my virginity, I still couldn't use them because she would know.

And I didn't move out until I was 22 - and I was pregnant!

colditz Mon 18-Jun-07 17:26:19

then after I had babies, it seems I could lose a small village up there, never mind a tampon...

They looked so big when I was 12, now they look so small

Pinkchampagne Mon 18-Jun-07 17:27:34


FioFio Mon 18-Jun-07 17:27:38

Message withdrawn

wishingfourgotone Mon 18-Jun-07 17:30:42

i prefer tampons keeps you nice and clean!
If you are considering using them id try non applicator first!
Start with low absorbancy!
Sorry if tmi
I get clots but they tend to sit on tampon and everything else soaks in!

colditz Mon 18-Jun-07 17:32:34

But but but

They will fall out, won't they?

Pinkchampagne Mon 18-Jun-07 17:34:30

I haven't had one fall right out of me yet!!

wishingfourgotone Mon 18-Jun-07 17:35:18

no as you need it to insert it as far as poss making sure the string is knotted an youve tugged it to make sure its not loose before inserting it, it sometimes feels like you need to change it but iv not had any fall out iv used them for at least 5years

hewlettsdaughter Mon 18-Jun-07 17:35:55

has no-one mentioned mooncups yet?

FioFio Mon 18-Jun-07 17:35:59

Message withdrawn

colditz Mon 18-Jun-07 19:19:50

All I think of, when I see a mooncup, is water balloons.

And how we used to squirt them at people!

Wotz Mon 18-Jun-07 19:22:57

Sometime they (clots) plop out when you change your tampon, down the pan...this is very funny...

i thought you were older young and sweet!

ChipButty Mon 18-Jun-07 19:24:19

Tampons will not fall out! Just make sure you insert it until you cannot feel it. I have heavy periods btw and find that, if I change every 2-3 hours there is no leakage problem. Sorry if TMI!!

FrannyandZooey Mon 18-Jun-07 19:24:24

you cannot squirt a mooncup at people

it's a cup

mamama Mon 18-Jun-07 19:26:13

Mooncups are fab. I take great pride in inspecting the contents of mine

It is fascinating to see what your body makes. And it makes pretty patterns in the loo

colditz Mon 18-Jun-07 19:37:13

You could, if you sealed the open end with the palm of your hand, opened the valve, then squashed it.

<<colditz goes away to Think About Finishing Adolescence>>

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