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Homeopathic treatment for Urticaria

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CountessDracula Mon 18-Jun-07 12:33:30

I have this mildly, have been on antibiotics for about a year and suspect that this is the cause.

I just wondered if anyone knew a good homeopathic treatment for this?

nightcat Mon 18-Jun-07 19:26:13

Not about homeopathy, but urticaria is also a common symptom of gluten sensitivity, it can also be linked to celiac. Have you considered diet changes?

If you have been on a/b for this long, you may have completely wiped out good gut bacteria, are you taking probiotics?

CountessDracula Mon 18-Jun-07 19:55:09

thanks nightcat

I have been tested for those things before as I have crohn's disease

Yes I take Solgar 40+ probiotics thanks

nightcat Wed 20-Jun-07 19:12:50

hi CD, have a look at this website, there are various remedies, search for urticaria, maybe something helps.
Homeopathy has worked for me on occasions and I am a convert.

nightcat Wed 20-Jun-07 19:13:18

doh, here is the link:

DominiConnor Wed 20-Jun-07 19:14:29

How can you have a "good" homoeopathic treatment ?
It's a scam.

CountessDracula Thu 21-Jun-07 10:06:29

oh fuck off DC you clearly know nowt

colditz Thu 21-Jun-07 10:11:53

It is an immune response, yes?

And IIRC I read something about antiB's affecting the immune system

Apparently a good dose of threadworm maybe the answe to allergy sufferers.

Or some of those bacteria that go in your stomach - qalthough they have never really helped me.

CountessDracula Thu 21-Jun-07 10:13:35

it is
I am on immunosuppressants though so I should in theory be ok!

I went to a homeopathic pharmacy, got some Sulphur and have had none since, the old ones gradually going away so fingers crossed

DominiConnor Thu 21-Jun-07 13:39:16

So, Countess, you've been conned, and you don't like people pointing it out ?
Why do you want more people to make the same mistake you did ?

Also, if you knew anything about homoepathy you would know you didn't get any sulphur.

CountessDracula Thu 21-Jun-07 13:42:02

aha but have not been conned
In the past has sorted out my hayfever, has helped my eczema a lot

teetha very good too for dd

DominiConnor Thu 21-Jun-07 13:50:05

How do you know that they didn't just go away due to your body sorting itself out, or the cause going away ?

Don't you find it just a little bit of a coincidence that so many of the things that homoeopaths claim to cure are things that are well known as ones that go away anyway ?

Hayfever is a classic example of where it's easy to dupe people into believe that just because it went away after you were conned into taking it money, it went away because you took it ?

"After" is a very different thing from "because". That's why we have clinical trial.
That's why homoeopathy fails them.
That's why it's a scam.

I understand the vigour of your reaction, none of us like being exposed as dupes in a public place.

bundle Thu 21-Jun-07 13:54:03

I got a homeopathic remedy (from a doctor, I didn't want to see someone who wasn't a doctor, so my GP referred me ot the Royal Homeopathic hospital)which was so strong, it worked even though I didn't actually take it

bundle Thu 21-Jun-07 13:54:55

sorry for weird typos

CountessDracula Thu 21-Jun-07 14:04:44

shouldn't you be busy whingeing about cathoic priests rather than worry about things that don't concern you

I am not remotely interested if you think it works or not. The fact remains it works for me. I wasn't asking for an opinion on whether you think homeopathic medicine is a pile of crap or not

Merely some advice about a specific remedy for an issue I have

I wonder if they make anything that would make you go away (though clearly it wouldn't work on you)

CountessDracula Thu 21-Jun-07 14:05:08

weird shit going on with apostrophes here

CountessDracula Thu 21-Jun-07 14:05:48

test ' ' ' '

Marmite Thu 21-Jun-07 14:08:34

DH gets urticaria - we're not sure of the cause and DS gets it very severley on exposure to eggs (which is obviuosly remedied by taking the eggs away). W ehave treated them both in the past with antihistamines which are mildly effective. Have to be honest though, I'm with dc on this, I don't buy the whole homeopathethic thing!

CountessDracula Thu 21-Jun-07 14:09:14

so bog off and start a thread on it

not interested here!

Marmite Thu 21-Jun-07 14:09:47

Having said that DS also was an incredibly cloicky baby and oesteopathy worked a treat - don't know why or how but it worked and for that we didn't care about the science

Marmite Thu 21-Jun-07 14:10:44

er...thanks for countess. Are you having a bad day?

CountessDracula Thu 21-Jun-07 14:10:57

a special thread for you here

CountessDracula Thu 21-Jun-07 14:12:12

no actually I am having a fab day
off on holiday tomorrow
just not interested in anti homoepathy stuff on a thread where I am asking for advice from people who have had similar prob to me and want to know if they have found anything effective.

CountessDracula Thu 21-Jun-07 14:12:27

how is your day marmite?

CountessDracula Thu 21-Jun-07 14:12:50

not spreading yourself too thinly I hope

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