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teething, 7 mth ds, even calpol not helping!?

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alibo Fri 27-Aug-04 14:43:50

ds is nearly 7 months and has been bothered by teething for ages on and off. Since last week it really seems to be bothering him, and wants something to chew in his mouth all day. Appetite also gone a bit. He cannot sleep in the day for more than 30 minutes without waking up crying, and then seems so frustrated pulling on my hair and pinching my neck,etc!! Feel so sorry for him as he usually has 45 mins/1 hour am and 2 hrs after lunch. Have given him calpol when he seems very upset, but even that just doesn't seem to work for him, and manages another 30 mins or so, then crying again. Have got enough teething remedies in bathroom cabinet to open a shop!!, all gels, powders, anbesol liquid, none seem to help him at the moment.He is so exhausted at bedtime with all the broken up sleep during the day, I'm at a loss what to try anymore. GP just recommends calpol, up to three doses a day, but feel reluctant to dose him up during the day, in case its needed at night. Can anyone help??

Spanna2 Fri 27-Aug-04 18:37:55

Try Nurofen for children instead of Calpol.

Or a homeopathic remedy "Nelsons Teethers".

Greengage Fri 27-Aug-04 18:52:12

I recommend you seeing a homeopath. The remedy that DD has works fantastically for her. I was skeptical initially, but I gave her a remedy in the middle of the night and she went straight back to sleep without waking again until 7am. Without them, DD would cry contanstly for 2 or more hours. Nurofen & Calpol even taken in the same evening would not always wor.

If you try a homeopathic remedy from your pharmacist, like Nelson's Teetha and find there is no immediate relief, go see a homeopath. They will talk to you about your child and their behaviour and find a remedy that will work. There are lots of different remedies for teething and so each child might respond to different things. The one we use is Calc Phos. Good luck.

alibo Fri 27-Aug-04 19:24:03

Thanks Spanna2 and Greengage; have tried Nelson's Teetha and Boots own teething powders-they're the same aren't they? How do I find a homeopath, and just out of interest what is Calc Phos?

CP Fri 27-Aug-04 19:32:34

Have you tried Ashton & Parsons teething powders? They worked a treat with my dd, you can get them at boots and give them every hour if necessary.

alibo Sat 28-Aug-04 10:48:51

Thanks CP, tried those also!!

poppyseed Sat 28-Aug-04 11:34:44

Nurofen for children I find much better than Calpol - if she will take it of course as it's not pink!! Other than that ride the storm - it'll be over soon!! DS is currentlt teething terribly. I wish they would just hurry up and come through. I am fed up with crying during the day, altered sleep during the day (thankfully he still sleeps through at night), crankiness and sore bums!!

Piffleoffagus Sat 28-Aug-04 11:39:00

another vote for nurofen
calpol for some reason is crap with teething!
I also liked the ashtons powders and it always stopped dd from crying as she opened her mouth for them willingly, they def calmed her down...

alibo Sat 28-Aug-04 12:54:04

Thanks guys, off to buy some nurofen asap!! Last night ds settled well at 7.30pm, through exhaustion I think, then screaming by 8pm!! And again at 3.45 am AAAgghhh!! BTW are there any reasons/contraindications for babies taking nurofen?

Spanna2 Sat 28-Aug-04 13:33:28

Not sure about contraindications. They have to be at least 6 months old. Best ask a pharamacist/chemisy really. Taken less often than paracetemol as the effects last up to 8 hours. You can buy different brands. My DD will not take Nurofen as it is orange flavour!! Fussy monkey! However, you can get one that's made by Calpol makers and I think that is the same flavour as the normal calpol, and you can get a brand that is blackcurrent. Hope you have a better night!!

nicmum2boys Sat 28-Aug-04 16:23:48

Have you tried Medised? I swear by it at nap/night time as it has an antihistamine as well as paracetamol and really helps my ds's sleep if they are having trouble due to teethin or a cold. It is recommended for teething (at least that's what it says on the bottle). You can buy it over the counter at any pharmacy.

earlygirl Sat 28-Aug-04 16:34:50

try giving nelsons teetha granules throughout the day(i mix them in drinking cup) so the effect builds up for night time the are natural and effective especially when used with calpol or nurophen (they have a calming effect so they help sleep by soothing an upset babe)
nurophen is much better than calpol
personally i would be a little wary of using medised -its strong-i only ever gave it my ds once and he looked completely 'out of it'-id only use it as a last resort

earlygirl Sat 28-Aug-04 16:36:17

if you like alternative remedies try giving some bach flower rescue remedy as well -this helps a little

alibo Sun 29-Aug-04 10:02:50

Thanks earlygirl, at the moment I give him a sachet of teetha before each nap/sleep, and he goes off ok, but it's the crying after 30mins tahts the problem.
Does anyone use nurofen and calpol together; pharmacist said this was ok; but how far apart should you give them?

earlygirl Sun 29-Aug-04 10:04:31

yes alibo you cant use nur and cal tog.
alternate the doses

earlygirl Sun 29-Aug-04 10:05:51

like one of each every 2-4 hours wouldnt do it for long but u prob wont need to

itshandmade Fri 23-Sep-16 15:54:26

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Buzzardbird Fri 23-Sep-16 16:06:07


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