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Anal skin tag removal.

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2wentysomethinx Sat 13-Oct-18 10:13:43

Hi guys,
I've seen a few old threads and was just wondering if anyone has any recent experience.

I've had, what I always assumed was piles, for about 10 years. I had been to my GP before who said to just eat more greens. But I returned this year as the pain was unbearable and it was becoming really difficult to keep clean 🙈 (disgusting I know). My GP had a look and told me it look like a I had polyps and referred me for a colonoscopy. At my colonoscopy the consultant told me it wasn't polyps and in fact it was one large pile.

So 3 days ago I went to hospital on a day case under GA and had a hemorrhoidectomy, however, when I came around the surgeon advised me that it was actually just skin tags. They offered me oramorph before I was discharged, which I declined.

So, first two days into recovery. Absolutely fine. No pain. Everybody I met said I would be in a lot of pain, and I'm not. The alarm bells were ringing so I braced myself to take a look. AND IT LOOKS EXACTLY THE SAME shock Now my question is, to anyone who has had this procedure done. Whilst your recovering and the swelling is still there, does it still look like a skin tag?

I finally went to the toilet yesterday, and I've been getting a fair bit of weeping, and the discharge smells foul. A bit of pain, but more uncomfortable than anything else. But I'm just really concerned that when I'm all healed, I am still going to be left with the same problems ...


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awillsa Fri 26-Apr-19 22:50:27

I am currently having EXACTLY the same problem - it looks the same as it did before surgery! I am two days post op and had a peep earlier. It looks the same, if not worse, than before surgery. It doesn't even look like swelling it just looks like lots of skin (as it did before.) I can't even see where the bleeding and discharge is coming from!

I am wondering, how did yours turn out?

Daddylonglegs1965 Sun 28-Apr-19 00:43:02

Watching with interest. I have suffered with piles on and off for years since the DC-the eldest is 15. Before Christmas the pain was unbearable so I went back to GP who said my pile or piles were on the big side of big so he referred me to colorectal specialist. He prescribed dialitizem cream or something like that as he said I also have an annal fissure inside. I haven’t had surgery but plodding on with the cream but when I pass a motion it feels like I am passing grit and broken glass. Did yours feel like that? The pile is a massive piece of skin and it is so big it’s bigger the my vagina flaps.

awillsa Sun 28-Apr-19 08:19:04

Daddylonglegs1965 here's the whole story: I had piles during my two pregnancies (2010 and 2014) and during my time on roaccutane (in 2016). They seemed to go away without much issue after my pregnancies but I was constipated so often while I was on roaccutane, that's when the trouble started. When I went to the toilet it was like, as you say, broken glass. When I recovered from the medication the pain did eventually go away and I could go to the toilet without pain BUT I noticed I could no longer efficiently clean myself after going to the toilet. I would have to shower after every bowel movement to truly be clean. I had to wear panty liners if I wasn't in a position to shower right away (very embarrassing.) I thought it was a big pile left over and for two years I tried pile creams and nothing happened. I was so embarrassed but finally asked my GP to look at it and she said it is no longer a pile, it is a skin tag. This usually happens when you've had a big pile; when it finally shrinks you are left with loose skin.

When I saw the colorectal surgeon he told me they were 'small' and I actually had two (one at 12 o'clock and one at 6 o'clock!) I'm very surprised he thought they were small. One was completely hanging out and it was long! He said that there were not any complications with mine i.e. no active haemorrhoids and no fissures, but I am under the impression that large skin tags can cause fissures so that might be what you're experiencing? Did the surgeon recommend to have it removed?

I will keep this thread updated on how mine is healing.

Daddylonglegs1965 Sun 28-Apr-19 09:44:28

Thanks awillsa. Mine didn’t really say much but I think what was a pile has also now gone into a big flap. It’s a nightmare to clean yourself. He suggested using a bidet or a warm bath after every bowel movement (we have neither a bidet or a bath) so I resort to a warm shower.
The colorectal specialist seemed ok to leave me on the diliatzem cream for a few weeks and then I think he wanted to discharge me unless I really want it removed. I can see as soon as I stop using the cream I will be back to square one. So he has agreed to see me again in 6 months.
Take care

Daddylonglegs1965 Sun 28-Apr-19 11:49:06

The other thing is I keep getting recurrent water infections. Does anyone else and do you think there is any correlation?

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