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Has anyone used the Aquaflex Pelvic Floor Exercise Cones?

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Berrie Thu 14-Jun-07 08:09:43

Do they work? Is it worth £25?

curiouscat Thu 14-Jun-07 09:01:24

Definitely work. Cured slight incontinence within a week after months of using pantyliners. Also fab for improving sex life, more sensation etc. Go and get it now!

morningpaper Thu 14-Jun-07 09:02:24

Gosh you sound like you should be on commission curiouscat!

sleepycat Thu 14-Jun-07 09:13:01

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Berrie Thu 14-Jun-07 10:06:29


curiouscat Thu 14-Jun-07 13:42:44

Promise I'm not on commission. But after 3 kids I definitely needed a bit of extra help

I bought these after second child was born was born and never got round to using them,
Now have 3 children and still havent used them. maybe I should try them

Berrie Thu 14-Jun-07 13:53:01

Can you run or sneeze without incident?

CarGirl Thu 14-Jun-07 13:53:53

how did get into the routine of using them - that's my issue, it will be fine once I can walk around with them in but at the moment I can't!

curiouscat Thu 14-Jun-07 13:56:22

Yes, I do aerobics type gym classes too with no trouble. It's so not an issue any more, I can't believe how easy it was to solve.

I began just using the outer shell (it's tampon shaped, you unscrew it to put weights in) without weights. Blasted thing kept popping out so only used it round the house. But within days I saw an improvement and was able to use the heaviest weights etc after a reasonably short time.

curiouscat Thu 14-Jun-07 13:58:52

Oops we've crossed. But you could start off for say 5 minutes a day, say while you're in the shower etc. Use no weights at first. I did maybe 5 mins morning and evening. Just take it slowly it's so worth it. I'm at work, hoping colleagues not gonna snoop

Berrie Thu 14-Jun-07 14:00:30

Gosh, I can't imagine being able to do that. My pelvic floor was terrible after ds and I used to wear huge pads when going for a walk. I went to an inc. clinic and with ordinary pelvic floor exercises after second child now only use liners but it would be great to be completly cured!

CarGirl Thu 14-Jun-07 14:07:22

LOL! Tried in the shower but it kept falling out when I moved, will have to be more determined and persistent I guess. I don't leak would I know DH would appreciate it!

Barbalib Thu 14-Jun-07 14:08:05

curiouscat - where did you purchase yours?
and if poss could you do a link.

After 3 children and a failed TVT I am would love to get this problem sorted.

Thank you for your positive post

curiouscat Thu 14-Jun-07 14:13:11

Bought mine at Boots years ago, don't know if they still sell it. What's TVT? I was referred to NHS physio and they gave me another bloody pelvic floor leaflet.

I think pelvic floor exercises are hard to get right or know what you're doing, whatever they never helped me. How hard to squeeze, how many times etc.

On the sex front I found I came much more easily after I'd been using the weights. (I don't mean on the same day etc, just that generally it made a great improvement in bed). Sorry if that's too much information.

Berrie Thu 14-Jun-07 17:39:58


Barbalib Fri 15-Jun-07 12:15:29

lol! no not too much information, I appreciate your openness

TVT is when they basically put a band around the neck of the bladder. My consultant was reasonably new to the procedure and announced afterwards that he knew at the time he hadn't pulled the band tight enough...oh well thanks for that

I decided not to let him go in for another try. I'd lost my confidence in him by that point. So it was back to square one. Oh yes and more ruddy useless pelvic floor leaflets...

So, guess what?? today my Aquaflex arrived in the day delivery how cool is that.

Thanks for your advice

Berrie - did you decide to go for it?

wheresthevalium Fri 15-Jun-07 12:19:19

Oooh they are fab, I used mine after DD2 and eventually got to the little one with all the weights in My (now ex) DH was vvv impressed (in bed, I didn't show him)

Barbalib Fri 15-Jun-07 12:34:09

Hopefully I will have as much sucess with this as you guys seem to have had

I have to say that secretly it does concern me, DH has assured me that this is definitely not the case, but I am worried that he might feel like he's entering the Mersey tunnel each time

...after 3 DCs it can't possibly be the same can it??

Berrie Fri 15-Jun-07 15:09:35

Do you know, I think I'll order one now, thanks for the link!

TranquilaManana Fri 15-Jun-07 18:09:29

hmmm, me too

curiouscat Fri 15-Jun-07 22:52:22

Well Barbalib Mersey tunnel or not I think most dh's are grateful for any action and aren't going to complain about the 'fit'. Good luck to all new triers of the system, let us know how you get on.

Berrie Sun 17-Jun-07 08:26:59

Well, after fiddling about I've got the smallest cone with all the weights in. It stays in really easily. Does this mean it won't work? I feel that because I'm not actually doing anything it's not doing anything.

NotQuiteCockney Sun 17-Jun-07 08:34:19

A mate of mine who is a physio specialised in pelvic floor issues, says these gadgets aren't really necessary. You can ramp up your pelvic floor exercises by doing them in different positions etc. Legs apart is much harder than together etc etc. This page looks ok, but doesn't get into the progression. They're easiest to do sitting on a hard surface. Standing is harder. Standing with legs apart is harder still. Doing them while lifting a child is even better.

Pilates is good for this, too. It gets you doing pelvic floor while doing abs at the same time, and they work well together.

Smooshface Mon 17-Nov-14 13:51:14

This is one old thread!

I have had one for years but only tried it briefly. After number of sneezing fits in last week that have left me in need of a pad change I am done being incontinent, so am trying again! Need to remember to do it

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