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fibroids - what were / are your symptoms?

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hermykne Wed 13-Jun-07 17:18:39

i suspect this is my problem

have heavy periods
that drag on for days

a very dull ache very low in abdomen, on the left side always.
severe cramping even with nurofen.

having a scan next tues but just wanted a quick view from others.

blood tests clear.
smear clear too, last yr.


citylover Wed 13-Jun-07 21:23:28

really heavy periods with extremely large clots. feeling of bulk in the abdomen - they can actually be felt if you press that area (GP told me this) and I can also feel them. Can 't remember how many or what size had scan about two years ago.

Took Tranexamic acid which I hated, seemed to mess me up even more. WAs offered a hysterectomy or myomectomy but declined.

Became anaemic - ferritin levels down to 6! Took iron and also went to a homeopath both have helped with the heavy periods and Hb and ferritin levels improved.

I also abstain from coffee, tea and alcohol during my period which reduces the flow. PLus now use a mooncup which also helps.

Oh was also offered a mirena coil which I declined. I know I sound awkward but I wanted to explore other options first.

Once you reach menopause they should shrink.

citylover Wed 13-Jun-07 21:23:59

really heavy periods with extremely large clots. feeling of bulk in the abdomen - they can actually be felt if you press that area (GP told me this).

Took Tranexamic acid which I hated, seemed to mess me up even more. WAs offered a hysterectomy or myomectomy but declined.

Became anaemic - ferritin levels down to 6! Took iron and also went to a homeopath both have helped with the heavy periods and Hb and ferritin levels improved.

I also abstain from coffee, tea and alcohol during my period which reduces the flow. PLus now use a mooncup which also helps.

Oh was also offered a mirena coil which I declined. I know I sound awkward but I wanted to explore other options first.

Once you reach menopause they should shrink.

luciemule Wed 13-Jun-07 21:25:07

I was having pretty painless but heavy periods so just asked GP to refer me for a scan.

They found 3 small fibroids, the largest about 3cm but they research reckons that fibroids are oestrogen fed and you produce more oestrogen the more overweight you are.

Therefore, I went on the Camrbidge Diet at the end of january and lost 2 stone. I still want to lose another stone and will then ask for another in 6 months time, when hopefully, they'll have shrunk.

That's the reason that most fibroids shrink or disappear when you go through the menopause - as you have the massive drop in oestrogen!

luciemule Wed 13-Jun-07 21:27:20

That's really interesting citylover- I find too that my period pain is worse when I drink more tea during periods.

I also found that if reduce carbs right down during my period, the pain and bloated feeling is less.

dyzzidi Wed 13-Jun-07 21:29:18

My symptoms are just PAIN PAIN PAIN. I also heve severe endometriosis and adhesions sticking my bladder and bowels together. I have had many surgeries to remove scar tissue adhesions and sections of endometriosis.

I am just awaiting a date to go in and have the blood supply cut off by a radiolagist (sp?) It is hoped this will stop my pain and then i wont need a myomectomy/hysterectomy.

I have had my fibroid since I was at least 16 (first detected) and it has caused me so much pain for so long.

DumbledoresGirl Wed 13-Jun-07 21:31:25

I have had a question mark over my head as to whether or not I have them for years. I think they were first "discovered" when I had an early pg scan with my second baby. But that was 10 years ago now and since then, I have had loads of GPs claim they can feel my fibroids, but scans have always shown nothing. I was told it was possible they might have shrunk to nothing but then I wonder what the GPs are feeling?

I am interested in this thread though, as I have recently started getting painful periods, having not had a painful period since my first pregnancy nearly 12 years ago. A read of medical information told me that if painful periods suddenly occur later on in life, this is usually a sign of fibroids or endometriosis.

At the moment, I am monitoring each month to see what happens. I can't say my periods are that heavy, though one 3 months ago was horrendous for one day, but I have had quite unpleasant pain during my periods for the last 3 months which is worrying me a bit.

luciemule Wed 13-Jun-07 21:42:11

Hi DDG - I too have 2 days of really heavy flow, along with a very low down pain/feeling like the while of my abdomen and pelvis is going to drop out! Also get contraction-type pains, that actually take my breath away,make me feel faint and make me have to hold onto the chair it hurts so much.

Sorry to whinge but was hoping that perhaps someone else had similar pains!

I think perhaps, as the fibroids can occur inside or outside the uterus and in different places, they press on other bits and cause the pains.

DumbledoresGirl Wed 13-Jun-07 22:14:55

My pains are very definitely unlike anything I suffered from when I was a teenager or in my 20s. Then, I would get a feeling of discomfort that would gradually build to a pain and I had plenty of time (maybe as much as an hour or two) to decide if it was getting too bad and take painkillers if it was.

The pains I am getting now come on very suddenly - as you say, almost like a contraction, building and becoming sharp with seconds. I can't describe this exactly, but I feel a bit sick and my whole abdomen feels "ill". Also, I found this month that if I sat quietly, the discomfort wasn't as bad as when I was walking around.

It is very odd. Does it sound like fibroid symptoms to anyone?

hermykne Thu 14-Jun-07 11:26:31

how long does oyur period last?
i had a scan 7 yrs ago and nothing showed up for the same pain, but 2 children later and long periods of breastfeeding its only the last 15mths this has started again, and i really ignored it til i said hold on there must be a solution to this .
and the pain as you describe is exactly what i have.

i have a feeling they wont see anything nxt tues at the scan.
but i might try the alternative route then.

easywriter Thu 14-Jun-07 11:35:16

Rather oddly, I definately have fibroids. The biggest one is lika pom-pom atop my uterus (and was 12cm diameter at the end of my last pregnancy) I also have another, unfortunatly I can't remember how large but 5cm seems to ring a bell, in the wall of my uterus but near the top. (Both are near the top).

I have no real symptoms at all. I'm not here to gloat I just would like to know more about them as I've been told that nothing will be done until I'm sure I've finished my family but in the meantime I can't get life insurance because of them even though my doctor has explained that they are 'harmless' (sorry I want to say benign or malignant but I always forget which is which.

cremolafoam Thu 14-Jun-07 11:48:34

i have fibroids in the wall of my uterous. Two are 2cm in diameter and one is the size of a grapefruit( so very large)I have had dreadful pain, bloated feeling,pressure on my bladder causing me to run to the loo all the time and heavy blood loss which lasts about 10-12 days.Also anaemic and so have had to take iron for months on end. used to faint duing my period as a matter of course.
Also had fertility problems.

Various treatments have included
a D&C
a coil(i got an infection) a myomectomy( fibroids grew back)
a dye test to see if my falopian tubes were blocked( they are)
a course of Decapeptyl(brings on a menopause)(worked for a while but did'nt last)
offered a hysterectomy( not ready for that really)
All of the above were not possible whilest i still had hope for IVF treatment.
All IVF treatment faied so now i am on the POP pill and antdepressants.(also suffer from PMS- the real deal)

I have not felt better in years.And actually feel like I am moving on with my life. No blood loss at all. No pain. No moodiness.I feel like I am finally free of the slavery of the fibroids.

easywriter Thu 14-Jun-07 11:53:03

But what are they? Why do some people have pain others not? Sorry, I feel like I'm hijacking this thread but is there more to know than they are harmless cancerous growths.

Should you be worried if you have them?

cremolafoam Thu 14-Jun-07 11:57:47

no - not worried. thousands of women have them without any symptoms at all.

hermykne Thu 14-Jun-07 12:06:30


poor you, thats was pretty hard going.thanks for link

easywriter Thu 14-Jun-07 12:15:55

Fantastic site Creamolafoam. Thankyou!

DumbledoresGirl Thu 14-Jun-07 13:19:32

Hermykne, my periods are about 6 days in length but that is unchanged from pretty much all my life. I did have one horrendous one recently that went on (full bleeding not just smears of blood) for 10 days but so far that has been a one-off.

I try not to worry about fibroids but I do know that some people can go on to have cancerous growths as a result of the fibroids so I am not sure they are always as entirely nothing to worry about as is sometimes made out. Even so, I am not going to the doctor because I feel I need to build up a clearer picture of any changes. I have been in and out of GP surgeries and hopsitals for so many minor gynaecological complaints that I feel now I would need a very good reason before I went again.

Kellylc1982 Fri 31-Jul-15 15:35:03

Hi wonder if anyone can offer advice
I'm currently awaiting a scan. I've had lower abdomen pain and now request urination. I had c125 blood teat so hoping that's ruling out ovarian cancer. My Dr suggested maybe fibroids but my bleeding has been normal. Does anyone still think this is fibroids. I'm sick with worry

Anxiousallthetime Wed 05-Apr-17 21:47:59

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

fenneltea Thu 06-Apr-17 14:23:38

I had a submucosal fibroid that caused heavy long periods, bleeding between periods, bladder pain, frequent urination, constipation, nausea and bloating.
I also bled between periods. I ended up very anaemic and sent to hospital by gp as I experienced shock with the blood loss.

I had a hysteroscopic resection in January, which sadly hasn't resolved the heavy periods or pain, so have been referred back to the gynae.

Fibroids can cause so many issues due to their location, size and whether there is pressure on other organs, so no wonder that there is a whole range of symptoms, or none at all really.

BG2015 Thu 06-Apr-17 22:15:37

I have 2 fibroids - they aren't large in fact the largest one is 3cm. I've had 2 Mirena coils to manage erratic, long, heavy bleeding. My second coil stopped working last May even though it had on,y been in for 18 months.

I've been bleeding ever since. Constant pain, cramping that wakes me up at night. I get very bloated. I had an endometrial ablation last September which didn't work (& rarely does with fibroids I have since discovered) I'm now waiting for a hysterectomy- I'm totally ready for it.

I'm 48.

LineysRun Thu 06-Apr-17 22:19:39

I have a fibroid that is now occupying my uterus. I have constant bleeding and pain. Due for Myo-sure procedure finally this summer.

The constant offers of a Mirena coil have been a fucking joke.

Anxiousallthetime Mon 10-Apr-17 22:25:49

- For the past 6-7 years on/off 'prodding' feeling near right ovary. Ultrasound about 3 years ago, Sonographer could not see anything.
- 'prodding' still persists....visited the doctor last year....had a urine test, doctor it detected blood in my urine. She examined my ovaries by pressing over my abdomen and asked me about my periods, which have been normal. I don't have heavy bleeding nor irregular periods nor anaemic.
- Then had to blood tested for CA 125, the test for ovarian cancer, came back normal.
- I persisted for a scan, so had MRI scan in April 2016 then Ultrascan May 2016
- Then Gyno appointment in June 2016.....findings from the MRI and Ultrasound......I had a 3cm fibroid near my right ovary. I asked her whether it was a cyst, not a fibroid and she said it was a fibroid because it was opaque. She said it may cause me pain because it is pressing my right ovary. She told me that she could remove it if it was causing me pain but it wasn't.
-She said fibroids inherited....if sister/mother have them then it is likely they will be passed on; my sister has uterine fibroids, painful ones as well. Also told me that when a woman turns 50, fibroids shrink because Oestrogen levels dwindle but have a while to wait for that.
-Arranged for me to have another ultrasound in 6months time......November 2016. Had the scan......waited 2 weeks for results. My fibroid was still 3cm and now I was discharged back to my doctor.
-But waiting nurse must have understood my facial expression and took me into another room for an informal chat. She gave me the name of a higher Consultant who deals with Gyno problems, and to ask my doctor to refer me to this particular Consultant should I return to my doctor again if I experience any further problems.
- Now...April 2017.....prodding is still there, but since mid March and to present day, prodding has turned into painful prods and I am now experiencing the soft on/off prodding near my left ovary!
-No appointments to see my doctors until April 25th!

I've read a lot of people's accounts and that their fibroids are in the uterus however, ....mine isn't! It's on the branch of my female reproductive this normal? My anxiety levels have shot up and I'm sick with worry and depression.

Greyboot Mon 10-Apr-17 23:06:58

I have 2 large fibroids. My uterus is the same size as it was at 25 weeks pregnant. When I lay down it looks just like a baby bump!
Very heavy clots and irregular bleeding started early last year. Went to gp in May and had a scan. At that stage I was told a mirena might help, but my uterus was too distorted and the fibroids too large for that. I was put on tranexamic acid which helped somewhat.
Saw consultant in Nov who suggested a hysterectomy and put me on new pills called Esmya. These help with the clots and flooding, but I have been bleeding every day since then.
I'm currently anaemic. I am constipated and take movicol.
I've recently had a horrific episode of pain, very similar to contractions, that lasted a fortnight. Apparently one of the fibroids is degenerating (it out grows its blood supply)
Although I'm no longer in pain, I do have a heavy feeling and pressure on my bladder now.
I'm hoping for a hysterectomy date asap, it really can't come soon enough!

LineysRun Tue 11-Apr-17 08:47:09

Anxious I've seen diagrams with fibroids shown all over the place (sorry, not very medical ... ) so have a Google.

Also, my small fibroid was meant to shrink after age 50 - well it grew.

And it's painful. But it is due to be removed hopefully in the next couple of months. It seems better to go for myectomy which is day surgery, than a hysterectomy, if poss. But hysterectomy is also an option.

What a pain.

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