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I know another one of those , have a referral for breast lump threads.

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melsy Mon 11-Jun-07 10:26:18

I had a thread a few weeks ago and have been back to gp this morning. Seeing as the lump doesnt hurt , but the rest of breast is tender and all bruised above , she didnt muck about today. I have 2-3 wks wait , although dh may have just sorted private cover through his work, this may be the only health issue im not yet exempt for. DH isnt happy about the 2-3 wk wait and wants me seen sooner. I think it may just be a cyst or a fibroadenoma (sp?). I was going to ask what gets done , but I think at the moment ignorance is bliss.

SO to top my last yuck 3 weeks I have this to get myself in a state about. I had barely any sleep last night , dd1 not well now, (after our trauma with dd2) and she was up at 2:3o .

filthymindedvixen Mon 11-Jun-07 10:45:25

I'm so sorry Melsy. How awful to have to wait that long.. Fingers crossed it'll just be a cyst.

what can we distract you with????

melsy Mon 11-Jun-07 10:47:08

food, men , my garden , silly talk , spiritual talk , food , chocolate talk.

filthymindedvixen Mon 11-Jun-07 10:50:38

talking of which, i have to go to my allotment now just to see if the (probably gay) very decorative young men who have taken the plot next to me are getting warm enough to need to take off their shirts yet <<whsitles innocently>>

melsy Mon 11-Jun-07 10:54:02

lol , what makes you think they may be gay ? I have 2 workmen here , whilst sweet ,not ure they're my type , sighhhhhhhh. Did quite like ziggy from bb , really not sure now, someone said he sounded like cliff Richard , that doesn't exactly get one hot under collar now !

filthymindedvixen Mon 11-Jun-07 10:54:26

c'mon people, what's wrong with you! Come and hold poor Melsy's hand while I'm off letching...


melsy Mon 11-Jun-07 10:56:17

ahh just wanted to say , on the boob front , gp has given me antibiotics for mastitis, but says its not matitis , just giving them as a precuation . Dont really want to take them.

melsy Mon 11-Jun-07 10:57:31

thank you filthy, enjoy your letching !

filthymindedvixen Mon 11-Jun-07 11:00:34

(really am going!)

Oh I'm gonna get flamed for being judgemental but....I suspect they're gay because they share an open-topped car with cream leather seats, they have planted many dahlias as a priority, they are terribly well groomed and are big on their garden accessories such as bistro sets and fretwork trellis (given it's an overgrown jungle of a plot)

But they are very easy on the eye...

Peshatilsome1findsmeanewname Mon 11-Jun-07 11:07:55

Ziggy sounds like gordon ramsey to me! Well talks like him rather than sounds like him iykwim.

I had a lump few years ago, had to wait 2 weeks to see if it went, when it didnt had a couple weeks wait for a biopsy thn couple weeks more for ultrasound and then another couple of weeks for the results, by which time id discovered i was pregnant. Luckily all was fine, no explanation for lump whatsoever, but was very worrying time.

And very of all the lovely working men to drool over! None here although i do have a rather lovely 7 week old young man drooling over me at the moment (hence the poor typing!)

Peshatilsome1findsmeanewname Mon 11-Jun-07 11:12:05

Just looked at your profile melsy and your dds are beautiful

melsy Mon 11-Jun-07 11:14:58

they sound quite adorable filthy !!

peshawatisit congrats on baby boy, sounds like fun all that waiting BLUERGHHH. I saw gp originally 2-3 weeks ago.

Will see later if I can perhaps be seen quicker privately. Dont know yet.

melsy Mon 11-Jun-07 11:15:49

aw thankyou, they are my little dollies. [preeeeeeeeen moment]. so do we get to see your lds????

LizaRose Mon 11-Jun-07 11:18:44

Melsy, are you still bf your baby? I have a 9mo and recently had a very similar experience, the breast clinic saw me within about a week of the GPs referral, I had an ultrasound, mammogram and biopsy the same day, and the following week they confirmed it was an accumulation of milk related to bf.

noddyholder Mon 11-Jun-07 11:20:44

Am sending you some reiki vibes You must be so worried xx

Peshatilsome1findsmeanewname Mon 11-Jun-07 11:24:13

oh yes forgot now i've changed my name my profile has gone, will change back in a min, cannot think of new name!

Have a friend who had a lump last year and was seen much quicker, dont know if she was considered higher risk so prioritised perhaps? In which case being made to wait could be seen as reassuring

Hope you can get to be seen privately though
Why have your last 3 weeks been yuck or shouldnt i ask?

Pesha Mon 11-Jun-07 11:34:13

Back to normal name now. Just looked at my pics and cant believe how much dylan has changed already!

melsy Mon 11-Jun-07 11:53:39

I stopped bf at around 6mths lizs , blimey all that in one day eeeeeeeeeeeeeek.

thankyou noddy for reiki energy, Im very into that. x

Pesha , I had surgery for soemthing unrelated 2 weeks ago came out of hospital and then a wk later dd2 then had febril convulsion & lips went blue and was in hospial last wk , then dd1 started to get ill last night with similar to dd2, temo kept down with medication.

Im wrung out , only had 4hrs broken sleep last night , worrying about dd1, she ws burning bruning all night.

melsy Mon 11-Jun-07 11:59:20

pesha you busy lady with 3 ,sweet little boy dylan , lovely looking kiddies

noddyholder Mon 11-Jun-07 12:38:30

Have had 2 kidney transplants heart failure and a malignant tumour and I am still here and happy!Positive thinking and seeing the good in everything has really helped me.Don't worry about the small things they are meaningless Life is great it just sends us challenges I am sure you will find out it is a cyst but even this 'fright'can have a positive effect and make you more grateful Every cloud xx

filthymindedvixen Mon 11-Jun-07 13:16:53

Noddy I had no idea! You are making me feel better and more positive too now

Melsy, this 2 weeks will be hard but if it is anything they are worried about, in the experience of my family, things move very fast.

Sending you some calming and tranquil and healthy vibes x

melsy Mon 11-Jun-07 13:25:42

oooh my noddy , I didnt know ,great you have sch a positive way. See im a spiritual person, but right now Im just very tired and that more than anything seems to knock me. I do feel like you have said that it is no more than a cyst.

I always look to why these things happen and yes for sure having what happend to my lo last week & this, has made me feel quite different.

filthymindedvixen Wed 13-Jun-07 17:54:43

how are you feeling today Melsy?

melsy Wed 13-Jun-07 19:55:15

ahhh hi filthy , managed to sort private authorisation today and I have a 1 stop appt tomorrow morning at 8:30 , were they do mammogram , aspiration and or ultrasound, so Im sorta crapping myself right now.

Ive asked my mum to come with me , as Im just a mess right now ,Ive had so much to deal with, its been a horrid day sorting another part of my body out to (see another thread fgs) , Im tired and stressed and dont feel very grown up right now, as I need my mum to hold my hand. I dont think its anything but a cyst, but its the accumulation of things the last few weeks thats making me extra crappy.

bet yer sorry you asked lol , but thank you x

Pesha Wed 13-Jun-07 20:44:52

Hey melsy

You really have had alot to cope with lately its no wonder you're feeling the pressure now. And i think its great that you can ask your mum to go with you, of course you need someone for support. Really glad you've managed to get to see someone and dont have to wait weeks. Will be thinking of you tomorrow.

How is dd1?

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