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Growth Spurts

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Lucy123 Thu 25-Jul-02 18:58:54

I'm new to this parenting lark and here's something I think would just be useful to know:

DD has (so far) had 2 little growth spurts, where she spends all day eating and sleeping - well, more than usual - and puts on lots of weight. The spells usually last 3-4 days and she had one at 4 weeks and another at 7 weeks. She's now 10 weeks and during the last two days has been showing signs of excessive tiredness - screaming absolute blue murder for a feed and then dropping off after 5 mins (which she doesn't do usually. In fact she's never screamed this much). Could this be another growth spurt? If not what? and when do growth spurts occur usually?

any stories/ advice would be much appreciated!

bluebear Sat 27-Jul-02 16:28:06

My son had growth spurts at 6 weeks and 10 weeks - and then at about the 3 month mark.
Your dd's behaviour maybe a 10 week growth spurt - my ds tended to be a feeding machine at the best of times and was a constant fixture to my chest during growth spurts. HTH.

sobernow Mon 29-Jul-02 21:41:39

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

chiara71 Tue 30-Jul-02 11:45:30

dd had her first one at 10 days old,she was crying like hell (and so was I) and she just fed continously all day until I, exhausted, gave her some formula in the evening (as suggetsed byt the m/w). After that it seemed to be a continous growth spurts for the next two months when the times in beteween feeds got longer and longer.

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