Biting inside of mouth

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AngelsAckiz Fri 24-Aug-18 16:09:41

Does anyone else do this?

It started when I was a young child and I've never stopped.

Its a nervous, boredom thing but I suffer with mouth ulcers because of it.

I've tried stopping but when the skin heals, it becomes bumpy and the urge to bite that off is inescapable, so on it goes.

I hate it. My face must look horrible when I'm doing it and my mouth is always sore.

What can be done? Has anyone ever stopped doing it for good?

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tomatosoup1 Fri 24-Aug-18 16:11:57

I used to do this all the time but found my breath stunk. Think it was the blood in my mouth. I now don't do it but not sure what made me stop

DolorestheNewt Fri 24-Aug-18 16:14:27

Have you considered asking your dentist for some kind of retainer? Might help you break the habit?

AngelsAckiz Fri 24-Aug-18 16:19:00

Oooh I never considered asking my dentist before! It would be worth it if I could break the habit. Thank you smile

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BlackAmericanoNoSugar Fri 24-Aug-18 16:24:02

I was actually chewing on the inside of my cheek when I read your title. 😂. I don’t do it in public and it hardly ever bleeds so I don’t really see it as a problem. I think I always did it, but ramped it up when I gave up biting my nails. I’m pretty sure that I need some sort of nervous activity so it might as well be this.

IsJustMe Fri 24-Aug-18 21:08:19

I've done it since I was a small child, and so wish that I didn’t. I was once told by a mental health professional that it was a form of self-harm, but a way of keeping it “invisible”. I certainly did it more during times of great stress. I am really embarrassed about it.

I’ve occasionally managed to reduce it considerably, and hardly did it at all, but am at it again big time. People comment on the odd bruises I have near my lips (where I have pressed too hard with my fingers to bite better inside shock). Family members think I can just “stop”, but I’ve been known to do it even do it in my sleep.

The worse thing I ever did was when I was a teenager, and did it after a trip to the dentist when my mouth was numb. I can’t tell you how much damage I did, but I couldn’t talk for days.

AngelsAckiz Sun 26-Aug-18 22:04:31

Yes I read that it is a form of self harm and that just makes me sad. Sometimes it does bleed and sometimes I get terrible mouth ulcers that need antibiotics.

I once started biting my tongue as a teen. I couldn't chew or speak Until it healed. Can't believe I took it that far!

I was emotionally neglected as a child and suffered terribly with fear, nervousness and isolation. Sometimes I do it so frantically that before I know it, my mouth is swollen and even my teeth are sore from pushing my lip against my teeth to get a better bite out of my lip!

I've never really spoken about this before. I'm sorry others go through it too.

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Quitech Sun 29-Mar-20 22:31:51

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