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smear test result - borderline changes... HELP!

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needinfo Sat 02-Jun-07 16:06:16

Apparently I have borderline changes with wart virus present. I understand this means I have been infected with HPV at some stage. Why has this virus never been picked up before, when I was screened for STDs when pregnant, for instance. I know borderline changes is common, 1 in 20, but I'm shit scared anyway! Anyone else been through this? Need info and reassurance.

TheBlonde Sat 02-Jun-07 16:23:38

I didn't think HPV was one of the pregnancy screening tests?

needinfo Sat 02-Jun-07 16:24:59

I don't know. I just assumed it was since it's supposed to be so common.

TheBlonde Sat 02-Jun-07 16:26:39

Hopefully someone else will be along with more info later

Twiglett Sat 02-Jun-07 16:28:10

on this site it says that HPV virus very common and often goes away of own accord

a borderline change on smear doesn't really mean much .. it could be a failure in the test tbh .. they will probably just give you another smear in about 6 months

I wouldn't worry too much .. I've had CIN II and a loop diathermy (2 colposcopies) and I can tell you its very very un-frightening

remember that 1 in 12 smears come back abnormal

an abnormal smear that needs treatment generally means you don't have cancer, you don't even have pre-cancer .. you have a chance that in a couple of decades if left untreated it might develop into pre-cancer

I understand how unnnerving it can be, have been there with the abnormal smear, but its not that bad really

needinfo Sat 02-Jun-07 16:32:40

thanks twiglet. That is reassuring. Glad you're OK, too.

I've been breastfeeding. I can't find anything on the internet that tells me if I can pass the virus on to my baby. Does anyone know?

Pinkchampagne Sat 02-Jun-07 16:36:38

I've been there too! It was around 10 years back now, and like you I was very worried, so made myself a doctors appt to find out more info.
He told me that it was nothing to worry about, and like Twiglett says, it doesn't mean you have cancer, it just can lead to cancerous cells 10 years or so down the line if left untreated.

The wart virus is the most common cause of these changes & loads of people are effected with this virus, which doesn't require any kind of treatment.

I had two colposcopies, which were a little uncomfortable, but no big deal, and then went on to have the cells frozen.

I have had regular smears since, all of which have come back fine!

Try not to worry too much.

Pinkchampagne Sat 02-Jun-07 16:37:48

No you won't pass the virus onto your baby through breastfeeding

needinfo Sat 02-Jun-07 16:38:37

Thanks Pinkchampagne. I'm trying not to worry...

needinfo Sat 02-Jun-07 16:39:18

Oh, the breastfeeding thing made me feel better!

Pinkchampagne Sat 02-Jun-07 16:41:54

I know it feels scary at first, but honestly, there is nothing to worry about!

You can always make an appt to see your GP if you are really anxious about this & he should be able to explain it all to you properly & reassure you a bit.

needinfo Sat 02-Jun-07 16:47:09

Thanks PinkChampagne. I know you're right. It's just that I've never had a day of illness in my life and have always had really good luck with my health so am quite surprised by this. I know abnormal cells are completely treatable, and may even go away by themselves. I think I'm just in shock.

As for getting reassurance from my bloody GP, this is, word for word, the letter I got through the post from them to inform me of my smear test result: Dear Mrs X, The XXXX surgery has received the result of your recent cervical smear test, which unfortnately showed borderline changes with wart virus present. You have been advised to repeat the test in 6 months time. Yours sincerely, the XXXX surgery."

No explanations, no reasurance, no come in for a chat if you want any advice/info, etc. I don't think it's high on their list of priorities to provide reassurance.

Twiglett Sat 02-Jun-07 17:21:27

hey I got the letter on a saturday morning just before I was going away for the weekend for a very good friend's wedding and it was much more vague but saying I needed a referral to hospital

scared the pants off me .. couldn't talk to doctor because it was the weekend .. didn't know what was going on ..

but honestly .. its not illness .. its like getting a cut on your finger ..

try not to worry too much

poppy34 Sat 02-Jun-07 17:31:58

Have had this on 2 smears with changes resulting and had 2 I had to get further treatment (ie colposcopy and cells frozen off). AS pinkchampagne said it was uncomfortable getting this done but really no big deal. And like pinkchampagne I've had clear results since for last 8 years

It is very scary when you don't expect it and get the results (I was just like you when I got first results -all over the place!). However it is common (1 in 12 if you like or
of the 8 or so really close girl friends I've got I know 3 of them have been trhough this )

so please try not to worry too much

needinfo Sat 02-Jun-07 22:02:09

thanks to both of you. am starting to calm down. Just found it hard to be logical about it and have been paniking. But feeling better now.

Pinkchampagne Sat 02-Jun-07 22:04:25

Glad to hear you are feeling a bit better now.
It is frightening when you get the letter & know little about it, but honestly it is nothing to panic about!
Good luck.

Kewcumber Sat 02-Jun-07 22:08:04

I had CIN III and a cone biopsy and was TTC immediately. Asked the gynae about the advisability of getting pregnant with the risk that the cells had not all been caught and wehterh I should wait. His advice was to go ahead (time was not on my side) and that if the cells needed treating again, they could either do it while I was pregnant or wait for treatment he was very relaxed about it. And I was CIN III, I'm guessing borderline changes is only CIN I.

I don;t think they check for HPV on STD screen because a) there are loads and loads of different HPV viruses b) hey are pretty much benign c) if you are (or ever have been ) a sexually active adult then you probably have at least one of the HPV viruses.

Don;t worry.

lucyellensmum Sat 02-Jun-07 23:11:04

needinfo, please don't worry, you are going to be fine, i was CINIII with some cancerous cells, had to have a couple of undignified visits to the gynae and it was SORTED!!! now i have smears every year at my insistence even though they say i can go back to every three years, oh, this was 10 years ago.

Funnily enough i wasnt scared at all, which is really really funny if you know me cos im Mrs neurosis herself. This was because i knew serveral women who had been in a similar situation.

I dont think i agree with the poster who said that border line changees are CIN 1, i'm not sure but i dont think that would necesarily even be that much, i could be wrong. I had a friend who had border line changes and it was due to a cold, of course if you have HPV, then it is something i would assume needs treatment. But really, i promise you, its not as bad as the dentist.

The blonde is right, they dont screen for HPV whilst pregnant, at least they dont around here.

Don't be scared, honestly, its fine, any treatment you need will be minimal. You DO NOT, i repeat DO NOT have the big c.

lucyellensmum Sat 02-Jun-07 23:17:43

need info, ive just read your other post about the letter you have received from your doctors. Quite cross on your behalf, no wonder you were worried. But honey, listen to me, the changes must be minimal, othwerwise you would have received an instant refferal to hospital for colcoscopy. This is what happened to me, my doctor phoned me with the results (because she is a personal friend and didn't want me to worry, of course i was hysterical at first its natural).

I am willing to bet that when you have the re test in six months it will be fine. Just put this to the back of your mind, honestly,because even if there is a problem at the next smear it will be so easy to treat because the changes are minimal and it will be a minor inconvenience at most.

needinfo Mon 04-Jun-07 16:43:30

Everyone, thanks very much for taking the time to post and to reassure me. I feel well and truly virtually hugged!

Pinkchampagne Mon 04-Jun-07 16:49:07

Hope you are feeling a little less worried about it all now, NI. Good luck, you will be just fine!

Bravery Tue 16-Oct-12 21:29:40

Hello, I have just registered on this forum 5 minutes ago. I was also diagnosed with borderline changes together with the wart virus present last December. I am 51y and until then my three yearly smears were always clear. I had another smear in Feb 2012 and it came clear. However, in August 2012 same borderline abnormalities were reported. I received one letter from my GP saying that my smear was clear and when I opened the next letter from Primary Health it stated borderline changes. This made me very anxious and I called my GP's secretary who was busy and did not respond to my calls. I then arrived in my doctors surgery and explained to the receptionist about two letters with different information. I was seen straight away by my GP who referred me to Colposcopy. My results showed borderline changes with HPV present. They have asked me to return in 9months. I have tried calling the colposcopy unit several times but they don't seem to be worried and not returning my calls. I will again try tomorrow. Is it because my case is not serious or they are that much busy? I would really welcome some advice from others who have been in the same situation. I am really worried that NHS might make an error that could be disastrous! My doctor who did my colposcopy did assure me that the area covering the abnormal cells is very small and otherwise my cevix seems healthy. I am panicking and am happy to go private if need to be. Is it ok to wait 9months? Would these cells progress in 9 months? I am doing everything to keep me healthy..what questions I need to ask when I speak to my consultant? Also, would my HPV stay for the rest of my life?

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