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Mole with bruise, pic attached. I guess it's nothing?

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WhyTheHeckMe Mon 06-Aug-18 22:38:27

Small flat mole been there forever. Now developed a small bruise. Also in all around the size of 1p coin.
Dh thinks it looks a bit odd and I should get it looked at. I feel I'll be laughed out of the doctors room.
Doesn't hurt at all. Don't remember bashing it but have 2 year old so need I say more!
Does it look abnormal or fine?

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endofthelinefinally Mon 06-Aug-18 22:43:32

Any mole that changes should be looked at.
That is only a bruise if you bumped it. If it is a spontaneous change you should see your GP.

Stormwhale Mon 06-Aug-18 22:44:59

I think I would give it a few days to see if the bruise goes away and then if not, go and see the gp.

3girlmama Mon 06-Aug-18 22:50:01

Always get any mole that changes seen by a GP. You won't be laughed at it though badly of!

WhyTheHeckMe Tue 07-Aug-18 08:23:59

Okay thank you. I'll see how it looks tomorrow morning 48 hours on and if it still looks bruised I'll get an apt for tomorrow :-)

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3girlmama Fri 10-Aug-18 18:25:08

Have you had it checked yet?

SophieJo Fri 10-Aug-18 20:49:19

Always get a mole checked if you are not sure about it.

user1486076969 Fri 10-Aug-18 20:50:47

Looks like a bite?

WhyTheHeckMe Mon 13-Aug-18 09:25:53

Yes, went and got it checked. The doc wasn't concerned as she said it looked like a bruise but wants me to go back in 2 weeks to keep an eye out. Thankfully today the bruise is noticeably going :-)
Thanks everyone

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Lima93 Sat 08-Jun-19 16:37:14

I know its a very old post , but Im having the same exact case .. noticed it 2 days ago.. did it happen again with you? ..

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