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Cramp in calf for 2 weeks

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eatmytoast Mon 06-Aug-18 10:28:38

I've had cramp type pain in my calf for over 2 weeks now.
It's not constant but is worse in the morning after getting out of bed, and standing after sitting down. Pain after walking, and also when standing - I probably get 3 hours a day where it's not hurting, also it doesn't disturb my sleep.
I went to my doctors after a week and he prodded my calf muscle and said "it's muscle" hmm I've pulled and torn plenty of muscles in my time to know it's not a pulled muscle.
I've still got it and after a google (I know I shouldn't) it's pointing to DVT.
I have all the symptoms other than the swelling and redness.
Obviously I'm a little worried, I smoke, and I'm on the pill. But don't really want to go back to my doctors after him already looking at it and making me feel like I've wasted his time, on the other hand I don't really feel like I can rock up to a&e and say "I've got cramp" either.
Anyone had any experience with this?

DoloresTheNewt Mon 06-Aug-18 10:34:29

No, no experience.

Can you afford to make an appointment with a private physio and tell them that you are concerned about DVT? I understand when you have had multiple muscle injuries, you probably feel as though you are able to diagnose that for yourself, but maybe a physio can explain why your GP is not diagnosing it as DVT.

Either that or go back to the GP and say it's still troubling me, can you explain why you would not suspect DVT?

eatmytoast Mon 06-Aug-18 15:59:32

There's a physio just down the road, good shout, il try them first and see what they say

fbsg Mon 06-Aug-18 16:22:05

If it comes on when you are walking/standing, does it go away when you sit down and rest?

eatmytoast Mon 06-Aug-18 16:37:59

No unfortunately not, say if I'm sat on the sofa with my feet on the floor, or the affected leg crossed over the other it aches a lot! If I bring my legs up on the sofa it's much better
Actually it barely hurts at all when I walk, It's more once I've stopped walking it hurts

eatmytoast Tue 07-Aug-18 08:41:31

Just wanted to update.
I popped down to the physio as suggested to book an appt, talked over my symptoms and they suggested I go to a&e (said they wouldn't touch my leg until I did)
So off I went - 2 lots of blood tests came back positive for a blood clot!
So now I've got to inject myself everyday until Friday which is when I go back to hospital for a scan.

DoloresTheNewt Tue 07-Aug-18 10:06:04

No! Gosh, glad you updated. Good luck!

Slightlyjaded Tue 07-Aug-18 23:36:49

Glad you got it seen to op. Well done for pursuing it.

Please make sure you let your GP know that he was wrong. It might help someone else get a better diagnoses from him in the future.

eatmytoast Wed 08-Aug-18 08:53:06

Yes I was thinking about this, this isn't the first time as a family that we've been mis-diagnosed by this doctor, all resulting in much more serious conditions.
I'm considering moving doctors surgeries but would like a chat with them first to explain why.
On the plus side, the hospital have pulled my scan forward to tomorrow.

Calledyoulastnightfromglasgow Wed 08-Aug-18 08:59:18

Definitely tell GP. That’s appalling!!

JohnHunter Wed 08-Aug-18 09:58:09

Please make sure you let your GP know that he was wrong. It might help someone else get a better diagnoses from him in the future

I'd wait for the USS confirmation as the d-dimer blood test can be falsely raised for lots of reasons. I do think that a polite letter to the GP (cc'ing the senior partner) would be a proportionate response from the OP if this turns out to be a DVT. This kind of feedback isn't what any doctor wants to receive but it is helpful nevertheless.

The story in the OP isn't that convincing for DVT by itself but most guidelines suggest that low likelihood patients should proceed to the blood test.

ShakeTheDisease Wed 08-Aug-18 10:06:20

The story in the OP isn't that convincing for DVT by itself

Really, *@JohnHunter*? Smoking, being on the pill and then the symptoms? The GP should have been more concerned. And yes, d-dimer results can be raised for other reasons, but the GP didn't even bother to send her for a test, did he? Definitely write and point out the lack of attention.

JohnHunter Wed 08-Aug-18 10:14:29

@ShakeTheDisease Those are risk factors but they aren't included in the standard risk stratification algorithm for DVT. It would have been perfectly acceptable for the GP to consider the OP to be low risk but - I agree - the correct "next step" was still a d-dimer.

flopsyrabbit1 Wed 08-Aug-18 21:25:44

2 monhs ago i was having cramps,one calf 1cm more than the other,pain

it took 3 doctor visits in 3 weeks to take it seriously and do a blood back that day as high then emergency script for that day to start anti coaguants

next day hospital and scan,both legs had clots

now taking tablets for 3 months

if i hadnt of pushed on the 3rd visit god knows what could of happened

eatmytoast Thu 09-Aug-18 08:47:41

I dread to think flopsy. So glad you pushed for investigation, I hope the tablets are working for you and your on the mend soon

eatmytoast Fri 10-Aug-18 19:03:44

Another update!
I had my scan yesterday, and it showed a blood clot confused so I'm on 2 tablets a day for 21 days then 1 tablet a day for 3 months.
Also got to wear a stocking for 2 years!
Im so glad I went to a&e!!

With regards to the doctors, well I don't know, I'm going to change doctors surgeries, due to this and 2 previous occasions of mis diagnosis, I just don't trust them anymore, but not decided yet how to proceed with letting them know the situation. I might book an appointment with the practice manager and the doctor, or I might bottle it and just send a letter.
Flopsy - how do you deal with your doctors after what happened to you?

legolimb Fri 10-Aug-18 19:56:28

I jave had two blood clots .

The second time- despite having previous history and a genetic blood clotting disorder- my gp didn't believe it could be a clot as there was no redness or swelling. However I went to a & e for a scan.

So perhaps health professionals should consider taking any symptoms like this more seriously.

I am pleased you are now taking medications to resolve this . It's good you caught it.

Have any further tests been suggested to you? I have Factor V Leiden. This is genetic and causes blood to clot too much. It is more common than one would think but I was only tested once I requested it as I found out that my dad had it.

Calledyoulastnightfromglasgow Sat 11-Aug-18 07:21:00

My sister was subject to a similar cock up by our GP surgery - two blundering GPs and nurse who ignored NICE guidelines and she needed surgery.

She wrote a long letter about it.

The Practice Manager wrote back apologising and explaining the steps they had taken to prevent it happening again.

They could have sued but didn’t see the point.

JohnHunter Sat 11-Aug-18 08:28:17

You are more likely to effect a change by writing a measured letter that explains what happened and asks for a response.

lljkk Sat 11-Aug-18 08:59:02

Should all women who smoke on pill be sent for scans after 2 weeks of unexplained calf pain?

eatmytoast Mon 13-Aug-18 16:13:14

No, a simple blood test would have given them the answer before any scan would have been needed

HoleyCoMoley Mon 13-Aug-18 16:21:03

Smoking and being on the pill are risk factors for a clot, sorry but I would be asking for my medical records from the gp. and making a formal complaint through the local health authority. A d.v.t. can be life threatening. If I'd have gone to the doctor I'd have expected a blood test and a trip to a&e.

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