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Could a 10 week old be teething?

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Girly Wed 24-Jul-02 08:39:41

My ds is 10 wks and showing all the classic signs of teething, red cheeks, a bit flushed and hot (on and off) dribbling, crying, Out of character as usually a very placid baby, waking up frequently in the night, chewing his fists, this has been going on for the past couple of days, esp bad last night and evening. What do you all think? Help!

(My dh had 4 teeth by the time he was 6 months)

Dizzymummy Wed 24-Jul-02 09:01:29

My dd got her first teeth at 12 weeks! - she was drooling and chewing on things, I didn't think they got teeth that early but it can happen! - I gave her a little teething gel when she got fretful and it seemed to do the trick (she liked the woodwards sugarfree gel). HTH

Mopsy Wed 24-Jul-02 09:17:20

ds got first two teeth at 10 wks Mx

PamT Wed 24-Jul-02 09:34:28

I know of someone whos baby was born with 2 teeth!

Azzie Wed 24-Jul-02 09:38:52

My Mum says that I was born with 2 teeth. Luckily (as I breastfed both) neither of my children inherited this tendancy

Bozza Wed 24-Jul-02 11:00:59

Goodness - I thought DS was early with his first tooth at 16 weeks. Will have to revise this opinion. It does sound very feasible. I also always found teething symptons increased at night. Have you checked in his mouth for any redness or the white showing through the gum? Will he be able at this age to manage a cooling teether to chew on?

BTW don't worry if you are breastfeeding I managed to breast feed DS until he had 5 teeth. I won't deny that I got a few unpleasant nips but DS soon learned the consequences (ie nipple removed) so it wasn't really a problem. Also you're nipples have probably toughened up by now.

Girly Wed 24-Jul-02 16:18:31

Bozza, his mouth is so small I can hardly see in! Have had a bit of a feel but he gets cross and yells at me, so its hard to tell. He seems fine in the day, symptoms seem to occur in evening and at night, typical!

Not breastfeeding, did to start with and found it very hard, but wanted to carry on til ds was six months, coinciding with teeth appearing, however when ds was 2 wks old i fell downstairs, on my behind and fractured my cocsyc(sp?), and could not sit down it was very painful and what with that and bleeding nipples i gave up. Ouch!

Bozza Wed 24-Jul-02 16:37:38

Ouch Girly that sounds really nasty. Poor you

I suppose you will have to wait and see with the teeth. But you could try slipping a bit of calgel or something on the end of your finger into his mouth. This certainly used to help with our DS although I think it might say from 3 months on the packet. Wouldn't have thought it could do too much harm though.

Also if he is teething it will be the very front ones. Calgel gets progressively more difficult to apply IME!! Not looking forward to DS getting his second molars.....

sb34 Sun 28-Jul-02 23:55:00

Message withdrawn

Girly Mon 29-Jul-02 09:17:24

Still no sign of any teeth, symptoms are on and off, so maybe its a false alarm. Still gets grouchy in the evenings but thinks thats more to do with the heat... its so hot here in west London. I love it but ds is not so keen

Girly Wed 27-Nov-02 10:31:30

Well i thought an update would be good, must have been false alarm, ds is now 6.5 months and now has his first tooth, ahhh. No 2 is fast on his way, so i have answered my own question EVENTUALLY!! :}

Girly Wed 27-Nov-02 10:32:21

I can never get those smileys!

Bozza Wed 27-Nov-02 10:36:31

Girly you have to use an ordinary bracket ) rather than the curly one } you are using. Glad to hear that you got your answer.

My DS has just got two of his second molars which I was complaining about earlier on in this thread and we've had hardly any trouble, much less than for any previous teeth. Not even had the calgel out once. I am seriously surprised.

Girly Wed 27-Nov-02 11:03:16

Thanks Bozza !

megg Wed 27-Nov-02 11:41:59

Yes he could be teething. My ds started early, got his front two bottom teeth by 12 weeks and had a full set of teeth by the time he was a year old. Luckily they never seemed to bother him even when he had 6 come through at a time. My HV didn't believe me when I said he was teething that early in the end I took ds down to see her to prove it.

Tillysmummy Wed 27-Nov-02 11:47:26

For my dd (14 months) the canines have been the worst. She is almost all done now, just 4 to go. Girly my dd had first 2 at 6 weeks !!!

susanmt Wed 27-Nov-02 21:27:32

My dd got her first tooth at 8 weeks old, and her second at 10. Anything is possible!

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