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Thirsty but then weeing all the time?

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MrsMuddlePluck Sat 14-Jul-18 08:58:35

Got up last night 0545 for a wee. I was thirsty so had a glass of water. I got up again at 0630; 0745 and 0836 [I write it down!]. I'm now up and thirsty again. I'm not diabetic [had various tests recently for unrelated] so what's going on?

I'm thirsty as it's hot; I drink; I wee; and repeat!

And yet I feel dehydrated all the time and have been feeling sick with the recent heatwave, making me go home early from work as I can't think straight or I actually feel sick.

I have a few cups of tea during the day, but have a water bottle on hand that I'm constantly drinking from at work. That doesn't explain the weeing at night though.

CurlsLDN Sat 14-Jul-18 08:59:41


chickedychicked Sat 14-Jul-18 09:00:48

It can be a sign of diabetes, my mother had this same thing however she did have a lot of other symptoms too.

Imnotaslimjim Sat 14-Jul-18 09:03:16

Your electrolytes could be deranged since it's been so hot. Try having a rehydration drink. It may help quench the thirst

TwitterQueen1 Sat 14-Jul-18 09:03:31

Sounds like a UTI - I've just got one! Does it hurt when you pee? or do you get a burning sensation? Does your abdomen feel a bit sore?

MrsMuddlePluck Sat 14-Jul-18 09:16:43

Imnotaslimjim - 'electrolytes could be deranged' - no that's just me wink

TwitterQueen1 - don't think it's a UTI. I feel fine when I wee and the urine is crystal clear. I've had cystitis before and it was agony, so defo not that! I have been feeling off colour with the heat, so maybe the rehydration drink?

TwitterQueen1 Sat 14-Jul-18 10:07:55

I'm sorry but my electrolytes are deranged.... <heavy sigh>.

What a brilliant excuse for anything! wink grin grin

Skiiltan Sat 14-Jul-18 11:54:14

I think you should see a doctor as soon as possible. These are classic signs of either diabetes mellitus or diabetes insipidus, so you would need to be investigated for these unless there is an obvious other cause.

If you were simply dehydrated you wouldn't be weeing.

Skiiltan Sat 14-Jul-18 12:10:05

Sorry, missed your statement that you're not diabetic. It could still be a pituitary or kidney disorder causing excessive water loss in the urine (diabetes insipidus, rather than diabetes mellitus).

I get these symptoms if I eat Chinese takeaways (drink litres of water because of intense thirst then start passing copious amounts of urine about six hours later, leading to further thirst) but this only lasts for one night, so it's not the kind of thing you're experiencing.

CurlsLDN Sun 15-Jul-18 07:15:29

I get your symptoms with a UTI, but don't have stingy wee or anything. It's the added general feeling under the weather you mentioned thats making me think UTI

PalePinkSwan Sun 15-Jul-18 07:18:28

I’ve had UTIs with clear urine and no pain, so don’t rule that out.

But the constant thirst, seeing and feeling under the weather are classic diabetes symptoms so should be checked.

PalePinkSwan Sun 15-Jul-18 07:19:20

Even if your tests were negative I’d ask for a repeat of the tests - they can be wrong, and also there are simpler tests and more detailed tests.

honeysucklejasmine Sun 15-Jul-18 07:22:02

I'd get checked again for diabetes, personally.

SmellyNelly2018 Sun 15-Jul-18 23:07:16

I have had this for years year round and also not diabetic.
Same cycle except I am extremely hot thirsty and need a wee. I wake hot, thirsty so I drink and I need a wee and repeat.
I bet your exhausted I am. I am up at least twice in the night before 4am 5am so my sleep is very disturbed and I’m up at 6.30 everyday in the week so just got used to being knackered.
I can’t see so well without my glasses and I tend to get out of bed without putting the light on so I don’t wake myself up as much so it’s easier to nod off again.
Good luck I haven’t gotten to the bottom of it but I am now menopausal also have an under active thyroid.

MrsMuddlePluck Mon 16-Jul-18 23:49:02

Lots of food for thought thanks! Maybe a uti? Felt better today even drinking lots of water + not weeing so hopefully last week's episode of staying in bed for half a day got rid of most of it?

Mmmmmmmchips Tue 17-Jul-18 02:27:32

Classic signs of diabetes- get it ruled out

Fleurelle Tue 17-Jul-18 02:56:12

I'm the same. Drinking and peeing constantly. Really annoying concerning sleep.

famousfour Tue 17-Jul-18 03:06:56

I get this every now and then for a night. Unquenchable thirst and then peeing all night because of the water I'm drinking. I've always assumed it's because I haven't drunk enough water in the day and then had something which made me thirsty like a couple of drinks or a salty takeaway.

Takemetovegas Tue 17-Jul-18 03:18:25

Classic early symptoms of diabetes. Can be other things but get it checked.

MrsMuddlePluck Wed 01-Aug-18 19:50:21

Saw GP this morning for unrelated issue and asked about diabetes test. He sent me for a blood test on the spot, so results in a couple of weeks. Spent most of today drinking and wee-ing again as it happens

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