Slapped Cheek/Parvovirus B19 in adults... so ill... has anyone had this?

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lollopy1 Thu 12-Jul-18 21:49:25

And is there anything I can do? I am getting rather desperate!!

I should get the actual test results back in the next few days... but seeing as my children have all had it at the same time (but only the 'slapped cheek' and rash on torso/arms as the obvious symptoms) I am pretty certain that this is what I have.

However, it is now two weeks in and even though the rash (everywhere) faded after a couple of days the excruciating muscle and joint pain, the exhaustion and sheer misery of it hasn't... and I am now starting to worry that I might end up in the smallish group of people who don't get better (I already have a another chronic health issue hence my worry that I am struggling to fight this off).

I am also struggling with Drs taking me seriously (I told a number of GP's that this was what I thought I had and just wasn't listened to... and also feel that the effects on adults are not really understood/appreciated) although I have been referred to a Rheumatology clinic... but I think I might need to see Immunology?.

I guess I am just getting very, very down that I can barely walk or sleep, need to spend most of the day lying down... and the school holidays start in a week and I don't think I can actually take care of my children!

Could anyone give me any advice/reassurance.... I would be very grateful...

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applesandpears56 Thu 12-Jul-18 22:14:13

Is your heart rate normal? Parvovirus can cause myocarditis (heart infection) - just wondering if that could explain your exhaustion?

BlueUggs Thu 12-Jul-18 22:17:32

Friend had this. She got reactive arthritis too. Got better using a dairy free wheat free diet.

DidIMissSomething Thu 12-Jul-18 22:25:25

I had this - aspirin worked for me - you need 300mg tabs - the painkiller strength. I had severe arthralgia as a result of parvovirus and this made life bearable - my hands were so swollen I couldn't use them at all - it was like wearing boxing gloves. Hope this helps - really feel for you - this was the most awful pain I've ever experienced.

Emmie10 Thu 12-Jul-18 22:30:59

I finally self- diagnosed after two weeks of feeling dreadful. The GP and out of hours staff were happy to diagnose a virus but didn’t mention Slapped Cheek. Both of my children had slapped cheek but because I didn’t have the rash. It took around 4 weeks for me to feel back to normal, suffering with an all over itch which has to be treated with steroids around a week in and then I developed reactive arthritis. I was convinced I would be one of the poor souls who don’t make a full recovery- you are not alone! Other than the steroids for the itching, I didn’t require any treatment. The only lasting issue was that my rings wouldn’t fit for quite some time due to the swelling in my joints.

lollopy1 Fri 13-Jul-18 10:25:16

Thank you so much everyone for replying... and sorry to hear that more people have suffered like this.

applesandpears56 I think my heart rate is normal... it doesn't seem to be racing but I will know what it is if it does!

I am self diagnosed too... the GP's don't seem to believe that I am this ill... one of them told me to get up and effectively get on with it... when I am in so much time, particularly at night, that I can't even turn over in bed without crying...

Emmie10 I guess that is the problem with self-diagnosing... that you end up reading the horror stories of people suffering for years or more and having repeated flare ups...

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DidIMissSomething Fri 13-Jul-18 13:53:17

Hi again - I was diagnosed by dh who is a dr but not in this field - he recommended the aspirin and even though it causes me terrible gastric issues I took it and it would be no exaggeration to say it saved my life - I was in so much pain I genuinely couldn't bear any more - I was submerging my hands in scalding water to take away the throbbing - it really was that bad. I can't recommend aspirin highly enough for this - a real wonder drug. Good luck.


lollopy1 Fri 13-Jul-18 18:05:44

Thanks DidMissSomething - I realised my reply to you and BlueUggs didn't cope over!

That is interesting about the Aspirin... did your DH think that was better than taking Ibruprofen? This morning the GP finally confirmed by blood test as positive for a new Parvo infection and he couldn't really recommend anything.

I found some in the cupboard (300mg) and have had an OK afternoon. Can I ask how many you took a day? Will take some more before bed as the pain is definitely worse at night.

BlueUggs - I am already dairy free but have knocked the gluten/wheat on the head for now in the hope that that will help too....

Thanks again everyone.

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Millie2013 Fri 13-Jul-18 21:26:30

Empathy, I had it a few months ago. I had a widespread rash, swollen glands, headache and flu like symptoms, I felt so, so poorly

GP diagnosed it, but probably because she’d seen so many cases in DD’s school friends and village nursery children in the preceding days. Likely DD had it, but a mild version

I was left with achy joints for a few weeks, but otherwise have recovered ok flowers

Salwa1981 Sat 19-Oct-19 02:52:03

Please friend this more than one month I'm sick and finally the doctor could diagnosed me with parvovirus b19she told me that the plood test showed an Old exposed to the virus
I want ask you friend if anyone have my problem could help me
The virus did the joints pain now one month and half the doctor give me medicine if a take it it's ok I feel better but when I don't take it it's bad feeling pain every where in all my joints
Please friend I'm asking you if anyone had the same symptoms like me could help me
Thank you in advance

Camillemary Wed 11-Dec-19 20:12:14

I’ve had extreme muscle and joint pain for over 2 weeks now, also crying to turn over in the bed! At first thought it was stiff after skiing for the first time, but has got to the point in the evenings and the mornings I can barely walk... however the pain eases through out the day. Still waiting for blood results to come back but I’m hoping i will find out what it is, the not knowing is the worse part.

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