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Unable to walk suddenly

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TROUBLEDMAM Tue 03-Jul-18 02:16:19

So on Thursday I suddenly became unable to walk
I could feel my back hurt n giving out n my legs trembling
Ive suffered with sciatica before n thought it was the beginning of an episode
Until Friday when I realised I couldn't walk at all
I called my gp out n she said it was sciatica n a pulled muscle
Give me strong drugs n left
Come Saturday night the drugs weren't masking the pain n I was sure they was something more wrong
I rang 111 who phoned an ambulance
They wouldn't take me to hospital said ring my doctor today
I did this n she said she would call back after speaking to another doctor but never did

I'm in absolute agony I'm pissing in a bucket
I've had muscle relaxers called lorazepam
Codeine phosphate paracetamol every four hours since Friday n I'm still in agony

Any one know wat I can do next?

IlikemyTeahot Tue 03-Jul-18 02:22:32

phone an ambulance love, don't sit in pain hope you will get better soon flowers

TROUBLEDMAM Tue 03-Jul-18 02:23:32

They won't take me Hun

esk1mo Tue 03-Jul-18 02:36:45

phone and mention cauda equina.

is it the pain stopping you from walking or have you lost the ability?

TROUBLEDMAM Tue 03-Jul-18 02:39:18

What is this you mention I've never heard of it

WhatWouldLeslieKnopeDo Tue 03-Jul-18 02:45:47

If you are physically unable to walk (as in not "just" because it hurts too much, but your legs aren't working properly) then it's an emergency and you need to phone 999. Otherwise phone 111 for advice.

WhatWouldLeslieKnopeDo Tue 03-Jul-18 02:46:09

Cauda equina syndrome

TROUBLEDMAM Tue 03-Jul-18 02:51:10

I physically can't walk
I can't even sit up
I phoned an ambulance on Saturday night n they refused to take me in
So I'm stuck

Three kids n my partner going out the mind

historyismything Tue 03-Jul-18 02:55:19

Phone the ambulance again, it's three days since Saturday and you need help.

TROUBLEDMAM Tue 03-Jul-18 03:01:48

I can't waste another ambulance
I just wish my gp rang me back today like she said she would
She was only going to talk to another doctor about me then phoning me back
I'm so mad.
It's like I'm invisible

TROUBLEDMAM Tue 03-Jul-18 03:03:36

I can still control my bladder
So it's not that CES

WhatWouldLeslieKnopeDo Tue 03-Jul-18 03:06:26

It's not a waste. This is an emergency! You could end up with permanent damage if it's cauda equina or something similar.

If you feel it's a waste, phone 111 and tell them your symptoms. I'm pretty sure they'll send you an ambulance.

littlemisscomper Tue 03-Jul-18 03:07:45

I don't see how they can possibly refuse to take you. confused
If you feel able to wait until tomorrow have your OH take the kids out, just to the local park or something so he's within 'shouting' distance, and call for an ambulance then. Tell them you're alone and there's no one to care for you. They can't just leave you then.

Yes it might be a simple pulled muscle, on the other hand it could be something very serious and you need a proper diagnosis.

TROUBLEDMAM Tue 03-Jul-18 03:18:24

I will have to wait till the morning now as my house hold is asleep
N I honestly think they wouldn't take me anyhow
I'll ring gp again
I'm just in agony n laid up so long it's hard with three kids

Arum51 Tue 03-Jul-18 03:22:06

PP is right - this really sounds like CES. It's very concerning that no-one seems to be taking you seriously!

WhatWouldLeslieKnopeDo Tue 03-Jul-18 03:24:45

hmm you seem remarkably relaxed given that you are unable to walk.

You might suffer permanent damage if it's a nerve problem and is left untreated. Why on earth would you risk that just because others are asleep?! Certainly I'd rather I was woken in the night than that a member of my household be in severe pain.

Having control of your bladder does not mean it's not CES. That's a possible symptom, but you can have CES without it. I'm not saying it is CES. I'm not medically qualified in any way. But you can't rule it out just because your bladder isn't (yet) affected.

I hope you get help and that your condition improves soon flowers

TROUBLEDMAM Tue 03-Jul-18 03:49:24

I've been like this since late Thursday night
Only a few hours now til my doctors open
Thanks for your reply's
I am very concern
I'm just very drugged up at the moment
Only wish they would work

swingofthings Tue 03-Jul-18 07:25:09

I thought of cauda equina after your first post too. Hopefully it is not this, but if it is, it is essential to get treatment as early as possible to recover. You NEED to go A&E to have them rule it out. Maybe your GP and ambulance staff did rule it out, but it is a disorder not that well known, so unless they said to you clearly that they've done an assessment and they know it can't be that, I would rush to A&E this morning.

JustLikeBefore Tue 03-Jul-18 07:40:50

You should be in Hospital, having tests done!

My friend spent time in Hospital last year to determine why she was unable to use her legs and was in pain. they finally diagnosed MS, but they had been testing for many other things.

TROUBLEDMAM Tue 03-Jul-18 13:38:20

i phoned the doctor this morning and he said as long as I can control my bladder n I have no numbness around my bum n flower area then it's not an emergency
He will now give me morphine n he is sure I'll b right as rain in two days time
No need for hospital
N I can't have a wheelchair so I'm gonna miss my sons leavers assembly 😤

I'm so fed up n depressed

sadie9 Tue 03-Jul-18 14:18:15

Why can't you have a wheelchair?

littlemisscomper Tue 03-Jul-18 14:27:37

The Red Cross or St John Ambulance will probably loan you a wheelchair. Ask them anyway.

Bin85 Tue 03-Jul-18 14:31:35

something like a abscess in the groin can cause this--you need tests

TROUBLEDMAM Tue 03-Jul-18 14:36:59

They just said they are people who have permanently unable to walk n can't have one
So I can't

Ollivander84 Tue 03-Jul-18 14:38:58

I had full control of bladder and bowels and still had cauda equina

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