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Those with high prescriptions - where do you get your glasses?

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TasteTheBloodyRainbow Tue 19-Jun-18 21:54:01

Not sure where the best place for this one is, but here it goes anyway!

I have a -18.5 prescription, and astigmatism. While high, it's not complex enough to get any financial help (I think I get a £15 voucher yearly). My lenses, with thinning, end up upwards of £600. And my prescription changes every bloody year.

I desperately need new frames and lenses. But I can't face paying £600-£1000 again. I don't have the money, I have a young baby, and maternity allowance isn't exactly going to cover it (not that my normal salary would with childcare and everything anyway).

I've seen people get glasses online pretty cheap, but they only seem to go between +10- -10 sad

I was wondering if anyone knew of anywhere I may be able to get a better deal? All the high street ones are extortionate. I have to have glass lenses, so not having them thinned isn't an option or they're too heavy to wear.

goose1964 Tue 19-Jun-18 22:41:04

DH gets his from Boots he used to go to Specsavers, where I go, but they had difficulty making up the lenses correctly. I wouldn't use an online glasses site for anything more complicated than simple correction

Lanaa Tue 19-Jun-18 22:47:39

Asda, they do a pair of frames with thin lenses included for about £70 to £80. I'm -9.5 plus have keratoconus. The woman told me that they make a loss on high prescriptions but it's still included. I was pleasantly surprised - I thought they'd be crap but they're great and the selection of frames is v good too.

TasteTheBloodyRainbow Wed 20-Jun-18 04:32:21

I'll take a look at Asda smile! That's unbelievable! I think the nearest one is an hour away, but it's worth the effort if I'm saving £600 odd.

If they do children's glasses I'm sorted grin my tiny headband awful eyes will be delighted.

ShellsBells76 Wed 20-Jun-18 05:30:30

Asda do children's glasses too. They set their frames at 3 price points, designer, mid range and basic and the price includes everything.

I would ring before travelling to check they include your prescription though, my MIL has similar and her last pair of glasses set her back £750 shock

Degustibusnonestdisputandem1 Wed 20-Jun-18 05:45:40

I got my last pair here worth a try? Lenses were quoted by High street place for £236, got them here for less than £80.

DianaT1969 Wed 20-Jun-18 06:49:59

I can recommend Asda. Just got mine and it was good service and significantly cheaper than my last 3 pairs from Specsavers. Wish I'd known sooner to go there.

bettybyebye Wed 20-Jun-18 06:51:47

Asda here too, so much cheaper than anywhere else as they include the extra thin lenses. My prescription “only” -7.5 though so worth a call to check

NotARegularPenguin Wed 20-Jun-18 07:10:08

Specsavers. Dd is -12. I'm-9.

Haggle. They do buy one get one free. Don't take that offer but ask for money off instead.

MigGril Wed 20-Jun-18 07:15:59

At that prescription you won't be able to get them online, I can't even at -8.5. So your stuck with the high street. If you do need new one's every year then Specsavers could be good. I don't find their frames last well.

We don't have a supermarket round hear that does them but they are good on price I think.

WipsGlitter Wed 20-Jun-18 07:21:26

I get mine from a local optician. I think she offers credit / payment plans so it would be worth approaching your local optician and asking if they do the same.

TasteTheBloodyRainbow Wed 20-Jun-18 09:07:47

Thank you all - I'll give Asda a call first and see what they can do smile

It's just crazy money. I used to put away £100 a month specifically to cover my glasses and contact lens changes... but with kids and a mortgage it's pretty impossible!

TasteTheBloodyRainbow Wed 20-Jun-18 09:37:06


Just so anyone else

NotARegularPenguin Wed 20-Jun-18 10:13:58

If you're on Specsavers monthly contact lenses it gives you a big discount on glasses. I think 50%

DianaT1969 Wed 20-Jun-18 18:40:07

I got titanium frames from Asda. Thin lenses, anti-glare, varifocal and eye test included. 2 pairs (one dark tinted for sunshine) for £149.
Previous times in Specsavers, less quality frames, not thin lenses, 2 for 1 offer with anti-glare and eye-test came to over £360.
I had to travel to Asda, as there isn't one near me. But well worth it.

Degustibusnonestdisputandem1 Wed 20-Jun-18 19:06:59

The place i linked further up in St Ives Cambs is worth contacting, they are lens manufacturers

CMOTDibbler Wed 20-Jun-18 19:48:07

Asda - I have a complex prescription, and now need varifocals too. Used to spend well over £300 for non varifocals - now £129 for a pair of glasses and a pair of sunglasses also varifocal. I was delighted with the service too as my squinty eyes are difficult

TasteTheBloodyRainbow Wed 20-Jun-18 20:51:08

I think Asda seems to be the general consensus grin thank you all so much, I really wouldn't have thought of trying there.

I'm going to pop in next week, it's actually sad how excited I am!

Now if only I can persuade them to under correct me so I can have lightweight plastic ...

Lanaa Wed 20-Jun-18 22:33:54

Hopefully they sort you out OP. I'm normally in the hate Asda camp but their glasses are fabulous. I paid for a weekend away last year with the money I'd saved by going to them. I didn't rate their optician and eye test but I went with my proper prescription from the eye hospital and they just made the glasses to that prescription with no problems.

Blueemeraldagain Wed 20-Jun-18 22:38:06

I’m -10 and astigmatism! Asda were great! My glasses were approximately £300 a pair and I got two pairs (one normal and my first ever pair of prescription sunglasses (I’m 32...)) for around £150. I also got designerish frames (Karl largerfeld) whereas my usual frames were £15.

Imsodonewithshit Wed 20-Jun-18 22:40:03

DH also goes to asda he has a high number..higher than we can get online and keratoconus so always needs new glasses. Asda is the same price regardless.

Limpopobongo Sun 24-Jun-18 21:38:01

Definitely ASDA. The absolute truth of the matter is that a single vision pair of specs could easily be made and sold for £100 or less and still a profit made. Large parts of the industry operate as cartels. I got an alleged designer pair of frames and thinned single vision lenses from ASDA, very good service and all for £80 i think ? £600 is an absolute joke and a rip off. You will be entitled to a complex lens voucher and a free eye test

MNOverinvestor Sun 24-Jun-18 21:41:09

I'll join the Asda fan chorus. The fitting I had for my -9 variafocals was superb.

TasteTheBloodyRainbow Mon 02-Jul-18 19:32:25

Update grin

Found some lovely frames on Sunday, all well and good, but just in case anyone goes into Asda with a prescription higher than -15, they need to have a dispensing optician in store to actually order them.

Bit of a wasted trip, but they have one in on Wednesday so I'm going to go order them then.

fluffiphlox Mon 02-Jul-18 19:35:46

My specs come to the thick end of £700. I go to a local optician and stick them on a credit card and pay it off over two months.

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