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How can I cover my hair loss (picture)

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HairLossToday Tue 12-Jun-18 16:36:25

Hi, I'm 28 and my hair has been thinning on top since I was 22. Now it's thinning at the temples and further back too (there is a little bald spot at the back not shown in picture, a little lower than a male bald spot).

I have had two children since it started, had every blood test possible; for vitamin deficiencies to autoimmune conditions. All blood tests normal and very good vitamin levels (way above minimum levels, I have thoroughly checked). I have a good diet and healthy lifestyle.

One doctor said 'it's just one of those things' (not very promising)

It only gets better during pregnancy and breastfeeding, then gets bad again.

The hair never grows back, i've tried loads of things. I've taken so many supplements over the years, iron, biotin, iodine, vit D (all taken for a year at time to see if it works)

Is there any way to cover it? I have seborrheic dermatitis on my scalp sometimes so have to be careful what I put on it as it gets sore.

I am at a loss what to do now. I can't easily cover it like I used to. I have curly hair which doesn't help as it clumps together and can't be 'combed over'.

Any cut or hairstyle ideas?

I am going back to GP in a few weeks to see what he can do for me.

I am starting to feel self conscious about it and i've lost loads of confidence :-(

jenthehen Tue 12-Jun-18 16:39:41

Could you grow it long and tie it up in a high pony tail do that your underneath hair covers the top of your scalp?

AsAProfessionalFekko Tue 12-Jun-18 16:40:55

Regaine. The stronger one.

imsorryiasked Tue 12-Jun-18 16:47:32

I have no experience (helpful) but if it improves during pregnancy and breastfeeding would it be possible to take a hormone supplement?

HairLossToday Tue 12-Jun-18 16:54:20

Thanks for replies

Hi jen It's already quite long (bra strap length when dry) but when tied the scalp at the front is very visable through the thin hair at the front. I am thinking of tying it up and permanently wearing a yoga band, but I think it will look a bit naff (oh well I guess I can no longer be stylish).

professional Thanks yes will look into that a bit more, I read the normal strength one that used to be marketed for women is a bit hit and miss

imsorry I think it's just the normal pregnancy thing that makes everyone else hair look luscious and mine just normal! I am unsure if there anything to mimic that but I will speak to GP

ILoveMyMonkey Tue 12-Jun-18 16:59:05

Could you try an Eva menses type hair band (hopefully a picture attached).

Or look into extensions? (The picture of the brunette with no fringe and then a fringe is extensions added).

Or speak to a hairdresser who might be able to advise you on a haircut to minimise the thinning. find a solution that works for you.

ILoveMyMonkey Tue 12-Jun-18 16:59:30

*mendes not menses confused

Emma198 Tue 12-Jun-18 17:09:13

I'm so sorry you're going through this. I've had hair loss for probably 4/5 years. I'm 29. I too have had all the tests and they've said it's telogen effluvium and that's meant to get better but it hasn't yet! I saw a trichologist, have you seen one? I found her much better than the NHS dermatologist who didn't seem to care.

I've now got lace hair integration, would your dermatitis prevent you from getting this? It's a piece of mesh that they thread your hair through and then they sew a hair piece on to it. mine is literally just maybe four inches along and six or seven inches long so covers just the top of my hair along my parting. it's thick so it covers up how thin my hair is at the sides and it's done wonders for my confidence.

Before I got this done I went for a deep side parting to disguise how thin i was down my parting. Couldn't pull it back as it was so thin at the front.

HairLossToday Tue 12-Jun-18 17:09:22

Oh thanks monkey that looks much nicer than a yoga band I was thinking of!

It's hard to find nice ideas that suit my age, as lots of the suggestions online seem to be aimed at older women with hair loss and I don't feel like they would look right on me

HairLossToday Tue 12-Jun-18 17:11:51

Hi emma

I will look into that too, I am about to study a Masters so not sure I can afford it right now, but it would be something to look into long term. Same goes for a trichologist, but I will see one one-day.

Emma198 Tue 12-Jun-18 17:16:00

Definitely give it some thought. My hairdresser hasn't been doing it long so doesn't have many examples but this place in Scotland is meant to be amazing.

RheToric Tue 12-Jun-18 17:17:08

My hair loss was caused by coeliac disease. Have you been tested for it? The immune system is lowered during pregnancy, which would explain why your symptoms improve.

Coeliacs might also explain your skin rash.

ScottishJaggyNettle Tue 12-Jun-18 17:27:00

Are you low in Folic acid? it can cause hair loss it would explain why when you are prego your hair looks better (Assuming that you had taken folic acid for your babys). Worth a try?

I have heard that this kind of spray is a good short term soloution.

ILoveMyMonkey Tue 12-Jun-18 17:51:20

Oh thanks monkey that looks much nicer than a yoga band I was thinking of! No problem at all. If anything else similar comes up on my Instagram then I'll post a photo for you.

ILoveMyMonkey Tue 12-Jun-18 17:56:21

Just did a quick search on Pinterest for 'Bandana hairstyles' and loads come up which might work for you.

Her0utdoors Tue 12-Jun-18 18:06:22

Tagging along for inspiration as I have a large patch of alopecia and noticed another couple starting so am contemplating some kind of fabric wrapping, except the weather is so bloody warm and I'm too bloody fat .

HairLossToday Tue 12-Jun-18 18:21:20

Thanks emma

I am in Scotland actually so might look into them

HairLossToday Tue 12-Jun-18 18:23:01


I have IBS and I am pretty sure they ruled out coeliac via a blood test and stool sample a few years ago, if that's how's tested. I will ask GP anyway

HairLossToday Tue 12-Jun-18 18:26:14


Yes tag along. I don't know if a scarf would be too hot? Maybe a silk one would be ok? I definitely think it would at least stop sunburn!

RheToric Tue 12-Jun-18 20:13:03

The blood test is 98 percent accurate, not infallible, unfortunately.

Considering you have gastro issues, plus the dermatitis and hair loss, you might consider trying a gluten free diet. If you do, the tests won't work for sure, but if the diet works, it beats d and v, plus the rest of the nasty symptoms.

I was diagnosed with an endoscopy/biopsy. Its the only truly accurate way to test.

My hair grew back 90 percent. Ive a stubborn bald patch which is hideable.

I know how painful hair loss is. Ive nothing more to suggest on hiding it, since you have dermatitis there.

Good luck!flowers

ScottishJaggyNettle Tue 12-Jun-18 21:30:35

Ah sorry i had skipped over the dermatitus. The spray powder would be a bad idea.

I have just realised .. Have you been tested for PCOS ? It can cause hair thining. You would most likely have irregular periods and excess hair on your face ..ect.

I hope you find your answer soon flowers

Her0utdoors Wed 13-Jun-18 06:54:44

I'm rubbing in sunblock at the mo, nice and greasy :-/

midgewar Wed 13-Jun-18 08:12:03

I would try a different diet, vitamins and hormones, regaine etc for a good while.

I would also recommend trying stylista in Motherwell. After I had tried all the different things above (which work for some people) I decided "hair replacement" was my only option. It's been great to meet people with the same worries whilst I'm in the salon. Ashleigh is so good and her pricing is very reasonable.

Good luck. X

HairLossToday Wed 13-Jun-18 20:45:07

Thanks everyone. I wore a lovely silk scarf today, I like 40s/50s fashion so I managed to pull it off x

ILoveMyMonkey Wed 13-Jun-18 21:23:37

Excellent news, glad the scarf trick worked.

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