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Sigh...3rd period in a month...endometrial ablation?

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mrsreynolds Tue 05-Jun-18 17:10:17

Going to Drs next week
Prob get a referral to gynae (again)
I'm 45 and Peri menopausal and have been on hrt for a year
Periods going a bit mad and I feel awful sad
Last time (3 years ago?) I was offered an ablation. I declined. I tried the mirena instead (didn't work and I just bled for 6 months)
Anyone had one?
Did it help?
Would you recommend for this issue?

justaddwater Tue 05-Jun-18 17:29:15

Have you had your thyroid checked?

cloudyweewee Tue 05-Jun-18 17:56:51

I had an ablation 5 years ago and haven't had a period since. Best thing I ever did.

mrsreynolds Tue 05-Jun-18 18:23:34

It's fine
I'm slightly vit d deficient so am taking a supplement
I'm officially in Peri according to bloods taken
I've been symptomatic since I was 40
I've been having periods since I was 10
I'm so sick of it

mrsreynolds Tue 05-Jun-18 18:24:21

May I ask why you had the op cloudy and which type of ablation you had?

Strax Tue 05-Jun-18 18:26:10

The hrt should regulate them a bit - are you on the type where you get a withdrawal bleed each month? I saw a gynaecologist (about something else) and she said if you've been on that type for at least a year you can then switch to the one that doesn't give you a bleed - maybe worth asking your gp?

mrsreynolds Tue 05-Jun-18 18:30:11

I'm on evorel sequi and get a bleed.

I can't take oral hormones (stroke risk) so patches are my only choice and they only go up to a certain strength.


cloudyweewee Tue 05-Jun-18 20:12:23

Not actually sure which type I had. I had a general anaesthetic and had it done as a day patient. My periods were horrendous before and I. Just wish I'd had it done sooner.

BG2015 Tue 05-Jun-18 21:31:48

I had an abalation. It didn't work.

I had fibroids and ended up taking Northisterone for nearly a year.

I had a hysterectomy 12 months ago - best thing I ever did. I'm 49 and now on HRT. Feel great!

ArabellaRockerfella Tue 05-Jun-18 21:39:11

I had an ablation 3yrs ago and haven't had a period since, it's bliss!
I had it because of heavy periods/flooding every half hour and subsequent anaemia.
I had it under a general anaesthetic and only had a few weeks of gripey pains and light discharge.
I am a changed person now, more energy, more confidence to go out and about etc.
Was deffo the right choice for me.

mrsreynolds Tue 05-Jun-18 21:43:15


yummumto3girls Tue 05-Jun-18 22:42:17

I had an ablation about 5 years ago. My periods came back after about 3 months, have been gradually getting heavier again over the years and so now need to decide whether to have it done again or hysterectomy.

mrsreynolds Tue 05-Jun-18 22:47:26

That's my worry....

SueDunome Tue 05-Jun-18 22:49:43

I had an ablation three months ago. My periods haven't stopped completely, but they are normal and last four days as expected, rather than weeks of random bleeding and flooding with barely a week gap in between.

I am a changed person, I can go out without carrying bags full of sanitary products. I can wear white cotton trousers again without worrying.

I had Novasure ablation under General anaesthetic, I don't think they do it under local any more, but I was only in the hospital for three and a half hours in total.

BubblesDahling Tue 05-Jun-18 23:08:36

I had fibroids and massive flooding for months on end then an ablation five years ago. Not a single spot of blood since touch wood

mrsreynolds Wed 06-Jun-18 07:34:29

What's the recovery period like?

maymai Wed 06-Jun-18 07:46:26

Friend and I had similar symptoms although I bled for 18 months without a break in the end.

Friend had ablation, it helped but she's 54 and still having periods.

I had hysterectomy and cervix removed, no more periods and no more smears.

whereiwanttobe Wed 06-Jun-18 07:46:42


I had 2 ablations, the first one lasted about 3 years, but the womb lining does grow back again so I had a second one when my periods got heavier again. They honestly gave me my life back, and postponed the need for a hysterectomy until I was 47 (I had endometriosis).

I would absolutely recommend going ahead. My recovery was quick and easy, I walked to the children's school to collect them the day after and just had a few days off work.

Good luck.

cloudyweewee Wed 06-Jun-18 21:04:34

I had some cramping pains for a day or two and then that was that! Freedom!

BG2015 Thu 07-Jun-18 17:54:19

I had my abalation on the Friday. It was very painful but bearable.

I took it easy that afternoon and evening and was back at work Monday. I had a pinky discharge for a few days. It was done at the end of September and by December I was bleeding again.

I've heard it doesn't work for fibroids but others say different?

I was offered a hysterectomy before the ablation, so wish I'd had the hysterectomy

Snowspeckledeyelashes Fri 08-Jun-18 09:51:40

I’m the same age as you and in the same position. I declined an ablation last year as I want it done under a local but my hospital will only do it under a general. I had polyps removed at that time which lessened my periods for a couple of months but now they are as heavy as ever and I’m back to square one, living my life around my heaviest days and anaemic again! I bloody hate my periods and if I could rip out my uterus myself I happily would!!

mrsreynolds Mon 11-Jun-18 16:01:55

Going to Dr tomorrow but bloody bleeding again!

Strax Tue 12-Jun-18 21:21:08

How did you get on @mrsreynolds?

kingseat2016 Tue 12-Jun-18 22:05:49

I had an ablation in 2012 and it failed. Hysterectomy in 2013. Best thing I did.

mrsreynolds Wed 13-Jun-18 10:55:55

Dr yesterday. Bleeding again so no pelvic exam but referred me. Also had some bloods done.
Got an appt next weds.
It's the same guy who offered me the ablation 5 years ago so I'm just going to ask for it I think.
Hoping it can be done asap.
I'd imagine he will want a scan first though...

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