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Oh shit...Baby has worms!

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Wallace Sun 20-May-07 20:45:18

My 9 month old ds2 has worms - I was changing his nappy and there was one wriggling on his bottom. Is there something he can be treated with at his age?

FioFio Sun 20-May-07 20:46:05

Message withdrawn

Wallace Sun 20-May-07 20:47:44


my older two are 5 and 7, and they've never had worms

well, I guess they do seeing as ds2 must have got them from somewhere!

cornsilk Sun 20-May-07 20:49:30

They're really easy to catch!
Try not to worry - I'm sure your GP will have treated lots of babies for it.

Wallace Sun 20-May-07 21:13:24

I just rinsed out his nappy from earlier, and there were lots of things that looked like worms, but no wriggling. Would they stop wriggling away from a nice warm bottom? (god, the things you think about when you have kids [resigned sigh emoticon]

foxinsocks Sun 20-May-07 21:18:57


just kidding - we have had them a few times

think the worms do die after a time out of the bum. Unfortunately, I've only ever had the pleasure of seeing them in the poo when they make it look alive

Ask the pharmacist - the baby will need baby pripsen and your older ones can have something like ovex or vermox.

Make sure you do yourself aswell.

foxinsocks Sun 20-May-07 21:19:42

do you have a sandpit (or does ds2 have access to one)? I'm convinced they are the route of all worm evil.

Wallace Sun 20-May-07 21:22:08

No sandpit, but he is a minging little bugger (i mean that in a nice way!) and grubs around on the floor.

bleurgh at the sound of "vermox", couldn't they have though of a nicer name!

fireflyfairy2 Sun 20-May-07 21:24:22

Actually they are rife in this house at the minute too

We have no sandpit, but dd is at school and I am convinced she brings them home with her!!

Wallace Sun 20-May-07 21:30:34

Maybe she wanted some pets?

I have been thinking about starting a womery...

foxinsocks Sun 20-May-07 21:32:18

yes, I thought about a wormery too until we had several worm infestations and now I'd quite happily never see another worm again

they are devils to get rid of

mankyscotslass Mon 21-May-07 07:43:58

Just a thought, get rid of any playdoh as well, i have just had to chuck all of mine. ARGH.

Onthehomestretch Tue 16-Oct-12 18:15:28

We're an almost all adult household now, dd is 16 yet we've (me, dh) got the worms. I know it's common with the tots but has anyone else experienced this? We've all downed the Ovex - any other tips?

QTPie Tue 16-Oct-12 19:32:04

Onthe, could it be dietary? Like Sushi maybe? Think that you can get worms from raw fish (worrying, as I LOVE raw fish blush )

Onthehomestretch Tue 16-Oct-12 21:14:01

Haven't been eating raw fish recently, but I read somewhere that pork could be the culprit, are there other foods that could be dodgy?? Does anyone know the time lapse from picking up the eggs to actually getting the symptons?

Onthehomestretch Tue 16-Oct-12 21:15:43

Actually, have had smoked salmon, does that count as raw?

bumhead Wed 17-Oct-12 21:00:36

I had these on and off throughout my childhood sad They made my life a misery as the only thing you could take back then was Prispsen powder and the smell of it alone made me gag!
Since I've had children these little blighters have made an appearance a couple of times and there is now Ovex in liquid form (handy for baby) and tablets!
Make sure you treat the week after and the week after that for any residual eggs that hatch, make sure nails are short and clean and sheets hot washed!
Please don't worry, it's horrible but very, very common!

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