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ds2 stopped breathing again tonight... then 15 mins later was ok, need soem reassurance again

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oops Sat 19-May-07 22:20:41

Message withdrawn

aardfark Sat 19-May-07 22:22:06

You need to take him to the docs next week to get that checked out. This happened to me when I was a kid and I had a hole in my heart that was undiagnosed till I was four! Obviously it didn't kill me but you do need to check. Don't worry unduly though, most people grow out of these things.

Bubble99 Sat 19-May-07 22:23:09

I think you may need to get him checked for some form of epilepsy, oops.

Don't want to worry you, but that's what springs to mind after reading your OP>

Charleesunnysunsun Sat 19-May-07 22:25:47

Get it checked, but i will say my now 2.7 yr old did this to me about once every 2 days for about a year but hasn't doe it for ages and ages apparently its quite common but best to safe by getting him to the dr's.

handlemecarefully Sat 19-May-07 22:25:50

I've had this - mercifully without the lips turning blue. Dd (5 in July) fell and hurt her head recently. Cried then within seconds went floppy and limp with eyes rolling back in her head. I shook her and screamed and she came too and started crying hysterically.

Same thing happened last week when she collided with a door. Again I screamed in terror and shook her and she came to.

Mum reminded me that as a small child I would black out if the pain was too much in precisely the same way. Apparently it happened a few times - once when I fell down stairs, once when I twisted an ankle, and once when I fell awkwardly and a sharp stone cut and lodged in my knee.

So it could just be a faint. However tbh the blue lips thing is concerning......check it out with GP

misdee Sat 19-May-07 22:28:11

i would get it checked out.

WendyWeber Sat 19-May-07 22:28:20

Agree that you should get it checked for your own peace of mind, oops, but breath-holding is not uncommon in small children and doesn't necessarily signify a health problem, although it sounds really scary .


Charleesunnysunsun Sat 19-May-07 22:29:45

Oh i remembered exactly what our specialist said now R.E my ds doing the same.

Apparently when you hurt yourself then cry sometimes your breath catches and you hold it in, then your body will naturally make you pass out in order to get itself breathing again and that few moments of hodling the breath or 'not breathing' causes the pale skin and blue lips and the passing out causes the flop.

hoxtonchick Sat 19-May-07 22:30:30

how scary oops . it sounds like a reflex anoxic seizure , but i have no experience of them.

Wotzsaname Sat 19-May-07 22:32:00

must have been very scarry to watch, I would do as other suggest and see GP or if you have done, get a second opionion ASAP.

Bubble99 Sat 19-May-07 22:32:53

Breath-holding is usually a conscious thing though, isn't it?

My DS2 has done this when taking a normal tantrum to another level.

I'm wondering what came first here. Did he fall as a result of this episode? Or have the episode after falling?

pinballwizard Sat 19-May-07 22:33:06

yes it does sound like reflex anoxic seizure

have him checked, if that is what it is then they usually outgrow it by teens or even sooner

it is frightening but not endangering

Charleesunnysunsun Sat 19-May-07 22:34:22

If it happens more than once (which you say it has) they will probably do a scan to mesure the brain activity just to be sure.

pinballwizard Sat 19-May-07 22:34:30

my dd1 had these in response to sudden shock usually a blow from a fall etc and sometimes illness eg sudden rise in temperature

WendyWeber Sat 19-May-07 22:35:01

"Breath-holding" seems like a catch-all label, bubble - it can be deliberate, as in tantrums, or entirely involuntary eg after banging head - symptoms are the same.

Malaleche Sat 19-May-07 22:36:29

my dd1 did this a couple of times. first time she was about 1 and a half, fell off our very high bed onto tiled floor, when we picked her up she went floppy, eyes rolled up, i thought she was dead, I fainted and when i came to she was still out (DP was there) she came round and was fine. We took her to A and E to get her checked. I was told that it was normal for small children to do that (faint) - they cut out if they have a fall or whatever and they see your reaction is bad (if you look very shocked they 'think' it's very bad and react accordingly iyswim)or because of the pain. DD1 did it again a couple of months later, tripped in the hall and fell over, this time i knew what was happening, laid her on a table and she came round quickly.
Do get your dc checked anyway tho....

Bubble99 Sat 19-May-07 22:40:22

Sounds to me as though these could be Postictal signs. Which is why I asked which came first, the fall or the symptoms.

You need, IMO, to see your GP anyway, oops.

micku5 Sat 19-May-07 22:50:13

My 9 month ol daughter has had 3 apnea attacks in the last 4 months. The last two were in the space of 3 weeks and she had to be hospitalised for several days.

Admittedly she has got respiratory and heart problems (Di George Syndrome) but you do need you get your little one checked out.

oops Sat 19-May-07 22:50:53

Message withdrawn

Malaleche Sat 19-May-07 22:56:09

the RAS link is scary, but i'm sure your LO will be fine, get him checked and put your mind at rest...

oops Sat 19-May-07 22:58:03

Message withdrawn

pinballwizard Sat 19-May-07 23:01:11

sorry if you have had more anxiety

our experience of reflex anoxic seizure was that the episodes seem frightening but ultimately no medical attention required at all howevber often they occurred and she grew out of it by about 14

Malaleche Sat 19-May-07 23:01:17

let us know what the doc tells you, ok?

Jacanne Sat 19-May-07 23:01:57

My friends daughter does this, it has become less frequent as she has gotten older - she's 4 now. The other week at soft play she bumped her head, ran back to her mum crying and then just fainted. Apparently she stops breathing when very stressed (usually when she has hurt herself) and faints. I would still speak to a GP about it though.

oops Sat 19-May-07 23:03:40

Message withdrawn

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