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I made sausage rolls they have just cooled down so I need to put in fridge ?

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sausagerollsontheside Tue 22-May-18 15:11:39

Or can I leave them in a Tupperware out of the fridge I don't know how to store them as I haven't made them before?
I don't want to give food poisoning!!

MollyHuaCha Tue 22-May-18 15:41:54

I would refrigerate as they have meat in them.

itallhappensforareason Tue 22-May-18 15:44:28

I would personally put them in the fridge. Although at a coffee shop at the weekend I noticed they had sausage rolls just sat out on the counter top. Kind of grossed me out as every one would have been breathing all over them etc... but that's a side issue grin

sausagerollsontheside Tue 22-May-18 15:46:11

They are in the fridge 😬😬😬 I put them in the fridge as soon as I wrote this
Btw my combination is a total winner
Sweet chilli bacon & blue cheese sausage roll
Thanks 🤦🏻‍♀️

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