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KOKESHI.....good luck for tomorrow

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Elibean Wed 16-May-07 19:42:51

Didn't want to hijack other thread, but do want to wish you the best with tomorrow's switch-on! I used to work with Deaf people, but don't know much about implants. I do know how isolating and traumatic sudden, or even not sudden, deafness can be, an awful lot for you to deal with in a relatively short space of time, by the sound of it. But then I also know you are one brave and resourceful lady.

Wishing you the best possible success from your CI, and an end to isolation asap xxx

Califrau Wed 16-May-07 20:30:09

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

welliemum Wed 16-May-07 22:31:16

Good luck! Will be thinking of you!

Here in NZ it's already tomorrow!

I'm just over 2 weeks out from switch-on now and it seems like years ago - things have changed so quickly.

I'm sure it sounds different for everyone but day 1 was total psychedelia for me and very tiring - my advice is to take it easy and eat lots of chocolate. Chocolate is very good for reprogramming the brain.

(Well that's my theory and I'm sticking to it)

kokeshi Wed 16-May-07 23:48:09

Ah Elibean, thanks so much I'm really touched!
I'll go and get my other post that I stuck on welliemum's.

kokeshi Wed 16-May-07 23:49:20

T'S TOMORROW!!! WOOHOO!!! My appointment for switch on is at 1.30pm tomorrow. God, I probably won't be able to sleep tonight!!

That's fantastic news about music welliemum. I hadn't allowed myself to even think about that but I have to admit I do miss it terribly. Films just don't seem the same on mute either.

Aaaaaaaaaaaand the short film that I made last month (despite huge reservations about my ability to interact with my crew etc) is being screened on the 26th of MAy, so I'm really ecstatic about that.


oggsfrog Wed 16-May-07 23:56:19

Only know you from the she wee thread, but wishing you all the best for tomorrow .

mamazon Thu 17-May-07 00:15:23

i remember chatting with you ages ago on msn and you were lovely, i seem to have missed a lot of goings on in your life but just wanted to wish you the very best of luck for tomorrow.

kokeshi Thu 17-May-07 00:16:52

Thanks OggsFrog and Mamazon, I'm not a prolific poster so I'm dead chuffed you remember me! x

welliemum Thu 17-May-07 00:35:41

Oh, another memory from switch on was how everyone was queuing up to tell me not to worry, everything sounded strange, don't be upset, it will get better... I wanted to scream!

I was so excited at hearing anything at all and I knew perfectly well that it was going to be a weird experience and that things would sound odd so all this reassurance was completely over the top.

I know they meant well...

oggsfrog Thu 17-May-07 00:45:19

What's not to remember about the SheWee thread?

It will go down in the annals of my memory.

oggsfrog Thu 17-May-07 00:48:24

addendum; my annals are not very large

kokeshi Thu 17-May-07 00:53:09

welliemum, yeah it's bizarre that. Usually it's the hearing people who tell you that (IME). When I met a couple of implantees on the LINK course I started to get really excited. It was quite emotional being there when they were talking about hearing birds, the sounds of kids voices, the sea.


AitchTwoOh Thu 17-May-07 00:57:11

good luck, kokeshi. btw, what's the name of your film and where is it being screened?

welliemum Thu 17-May-07 01:00:33

I guess it's hard to get the balance right between optimism and realism. I know some people are terribly disappointed at switch-on so I suppose they're trying to forestall that.

Anyway, I hope you're going to get a good night's sleep tonight.


Big day tomorrow.

kokeshi Thu 17-May-07 01:00:42

Oggsfrog, She Wee will live on in my memory for a long time!


ScottishThistle Thu 17-May-07 01:03:38

Wishing you the best of luck!!!

kokeshi Thu 17-May-07 01:04:43

It's being screened in Glasgow (but I'm shy, hope you don't mind me not divulging the specifics). It's a wee independent film, so no Billboards on Renfrew St

ScottishThistle Thu 17-May-07 01:05:37

Ha!...I'm in London!

oggsfrog Thu 17-May-07 01:07:26

I'd rather the SheWee lived on in my memory than over my foot.........

AitchTwoOh Thu 17-May-07 01:08:08

but if you want some publicity for it i may be able to help... if so, email at aitch at babyledweaning dot com.

kokeshi Thu 17-May-07 01:09:09

Oh OK, one of the galleries. But, not just my film, when I read that back it sounds like I did it single handedly! It was very much a collaboration, the young people are exceptionally talented.

AitchTwoOh Thu 17-May-07 01:10:07

email me if you want to discuss doing something about it... it sounds interesting.

kokeshi Thu 17-May-07 01:11:17

Thanks aitch. It's a private screening for the moment. I'm not sure if it will go to any festivals yet but very kind of you to offer. And I will file your contact away for the future.

<networking...preen, preen>

AitchTwoOh Thu 17-May-07 01:13:54

i actually have a Proper Name and everything... have a ball tomorrow.

kokeshi Thu 17-May-07 01:20:52

Aitch, I'm going to start calling myself kokeshi in RL soon if I don't regulate this!

Aw, ScottishThistle, I'll sent you some lovely clean air from the Summit of Ben Venachar. (Well, I'll blow it Southwards).

OggsFrog, My friend has Ogg for her surname. It means either young or beautiful in Gaelic, you are well adorned.

Thanks again for all your kind thoughts.

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