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pregnancy after a previous c-section.

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AimeesMum Fri 12-Jul-02 15:37:30

Hi. I had my ds in October 2000. My husband and I would like to start trying for our second child in a couple of months. I was just wondering if anyone has had problems with their c-section scar whilst pregnant?
My skin isn't very stomach is covered in stretch marks from my previous pregnancy as it just doesn't stretch very well.
I am worried that it will cause problems when I am pregnant for the second time, and that my scar might rupture.
Any advice?

PamT Fri 12-Jul-02 16:06:38

Have a look on the 'terrified they will make me have VBAC' thread, it sort of covers this subject. My scar was ok, in fact I never gave it a thought and though I was prepared to have another CS if necessary, it didn't happen and DD arrived quickly the way God intended with no problems.

AimeesMum Sat 13-Jul-02 09:14:12

HI. I did post on the 'terrified they make me have a vbac' thread...but now I just can't fine it!! I think I'm going blind and just can't see it!

PamT Sat 13-Jul-02 09:24:47

Either look in 'Last Day' or'Topics' (where you will find it under Pregnancy) - the purple headings at the top of the screen. There was a reply to you but it wasn't very encouraging, probably because the issue has come up in the past. If you have a read through the quite lengthy thread it might answer some of your questions. I think the general concerns about scar rupture are internal, I've never heard of the outer scar rupturing in subsequent pregnancies, but I'm not an expert on the subject. Perhaps one of the midwives who regularly post might be able to tell you more about that. You could also use the search facility to look for 'scar rupture' or similar words. HTH

janh Sat 13-Jul-02 10:46:36

Aimeesmum, I understand your anxiety - I wonder if mears can help?
They generally advise leaving slightly longer between CS deliveries than normal ones but you should be OK with 2½ years.
I think it's the internal scarring that is more important than the surface scar, so although you have all the stretch marks from before it doesn't necessarily mean that your internal tissues are less stretchy.
Have you talked to your GP/HV/a midwife?
Good luck anyway!

mears Sat 13-Jul-02 12:46:49


As a midwife I have never come across anyone whose scar has ruptures during pregnancy - your scar will stretch to accommodate a growing baby. Even the skin will stretch despite the scar seeming tight.Two years is plenty of time between pregnancies - I have looked after many women with much less time.
I can understand your anxiety but your midwife/consultant should be able to reassure you.
During labour the midwives will be vigilant watching for any signs of your uterine scar rupturing - it is a rare occurence but the risk is increased if you are induced or if you labour for a long time. That is why a second labour is limited if you are not making good progress. In my experience many women successfully have a vaginal delivery second time around if the factors present for the first C/S are not there.
Good luck.

FrancesJ Sat 13-Jul-02 14:19:32

I had a c/s two and a bit years ago, and am now 29 wks pregnant. I've had no problems from my c-section scar at all so far I'm pleased to say, although it did feel a bit sore and itchy when the pregnancy started to show. I spoke to my midwife about this, and she told me this was perfectly normal, and due to the tissue around the scar not being quite so elastic as the rest of my skin. I had that 'will I split open' feeling too, so know how you feel!

SofiaAmes Sat 13-Jul-02 22:48:11

Very much like FrancesJ...I had my son in november 2000 by c-section. I am now 29 weeks pregant with my second. My scar was a little sore and itchy in the first 3 months, but it's fine now. I did a lot of research on what to expect this time. I've never heard of the outside scar rupturing. The danger is of the inside scar rupturing during labor. I think the chances of this happening are 1 in 500, but even then it is very rare that this results in injury or death to the mother or baby. As Mears said, they monitor you much more closely during labor and don't tend to let you go to far or be induced. I'm hoping to have a drugfree, natural birth this time and have been told that there is every chance that it will happen.

honeybunny Tue 16-Jul-02 14:17:52

I had ds1 in Oct 2000 (cs) and my 2nd is now 3months old (2nd cs). I had no probs with my scar during pregnancy at all. 2nd cs was elective, they went through the same incision, and healed up even quicker this time than last. (?? rubbing vit E oil into it may have helped, its much more supple and less lumpy this time). Only one difference is a tendency on my part to overdo things (digging a new flower bed at 5.5weeks post op, not recommended) and its swollen up a couple of times. My skin is a little saggier too, but I thinks thats more pregnancy related rather than cs related. Go for it, and don't give it a 2nd thought!

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