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bumped babys head!

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skirmish Wed 09-May-07 19:21:33

i bumped ds's head on the cot whilst trying to sit down to feed him before bed. He (I rather!) managed to get the exact spot where he has a strawberry birthmark and it started to bleed, but stopped almost immediately. He cried, but then carried on with bottle and went to bed as usual. Sleeping soundly now but huge lump come up on his forehead where bump happened!

Paranoid first time mum i supposed to do anything else???

skirmish Wed 09-May-07 19:26:29


babygrand Wed 09-May-07 19:27:47

Don't panic - we've all done something like this in our time - I'm sure baby will be fine. Obviously if there's sudden vomiting or he's unusally upset, you should contact the doctor, but it's probably nothing.

PanicPants Wed 09-May-07 19:29:38

Keep an eye out for the obvious head injury signs:

Bleeding from ear/s
Not able to rouse ds from sleep (keep making sure he responds to you during the night - doesn't need to be woken though)

BUT I'm not medically trained so if you AT ALL worried seek proper advice.

Hope this helps

Mum2FunkyDude Wed 09-May-07 19:31:21

GOD how hard did you hit him? ds has fallen face first into the corner of our coffee table, he had a lump and purple bruise for about a week.

To set yourself at ease, check on him every hour by gently touching him, if he stirs he is OK, if he does not stir, try and make him move without waking him, it is only to make sure he is not in a coma, which would be unlikely unless you really smashed his head!


skirmish Wed 09-May-07 19:32:02 signs of any trauma other than lump...and, i just packed away all his hats, will now have to dig one out to wear tomorrow so social services don't come and get me!

HenriettaHippo Wed 09-May-07 19:32:13

My GP told me that with a bump to the head, I should watch out for things like: vomiting, being all floppy and v. drowsy (although it's nightime so I'm not so sure about that one in your circs), and said to check every 15 mins or so during nap/sleep. Do you share a room with DS? Might be a good idea tonight maybe?

I have read that if the bump comes out like an egg on the head that's a good sign as it would indicate that the injury is at the surface, rather than being inside the skull.

skirmish Wed 09-May-07 19:33:46

thanks mum2! think the bruise is hidden by the birthmark...only if you look at him side on that you see he looks like something from a cartoon!

liquidclocks Wed 09-May-07 19:35:42

Exactly what everyone else has said

I dropped (well, allowed to slip of a chair I was balancing him on) DS2 on his head when about 7/8 weeks - right on the soft spot. The doctor in a&e said not to worry at all and that if he seemed a bit grouchy to give him a bit of paracetamol and NOT to try and keep him awake as if he did have a slight concussion he would like to sleep.

If you're worried, do go to a&e, they're always very understanding about worried mums (even non-first timers) who've dropped their babies - happens a lot!

skirmish Wed 09-May-07 19:35:51

thats what i thought too henrietta...he seems fine...i can hear him breathing/stirring on monitor and keep checking on him anyways. i think i probably panicked him a little too!

bewilderbeast Wed 09-May-07 19:37:21

don't panic it happens, look for black spots behind the ears, drowsiness, vomiting. the advice we got from nhs direct was to check on him ever two hours during the night, tickle his lip or something so that he rouses and stirs but doens't wake up and if you have any concerns at all phone the out of hours dr

skirmish Wed 09-May-07 19:38:58

thanks for advice everyone...all calm here now thankfully...(obviously dh isn't too worried - he's still watching football!)

Mum2FunkyDude Wed 09-May-07 19:40:44

wait till he starts to walk around, you will be buying BIG hats to cover the bruises, not to mention the ones he'll have on his shins!

HenriettaHippo Thu 10-May-07 09:10:01

skirmish, how is DS today?

BenRoo Tue 06-Sep-11 20:05:57

Advice needed....
10mo DS has just slipped and bashed the side of his head/cheek.
His 1st knock hence slightly neurotic post confused
He cried/panicked for a bit as did i then was fine,fed and settled in cot.
He's got a raised line on his face where he hit the chest of drawers and I'm sure there'll be a bruise blush
Do I need to do anything???
Check on him during his sleep perhaps??
Somebody put my mind at ease please sad

BenRoo Tue 06-Sep-11 20:07:07

Whoops wrong thread!

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