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Anyone else got pernicious anaemia/ B12 deficiency?

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TheBlonde Wed 09-May-07 18:38:55

Anyone else got pernicious anaemia/ B12 deficiency?

I was wondering how frequently you get jabs?
Also do you get your B12 level checked before hand?

TheBlonde Thu 10-May-07 11:35:31


Haribosmum Thu 10-May-07 15:24:23

Haven't got it but was 'border line' last year. Hopefully won't have to go through all the injection stuff but I thought it was every 6 months? Sorry not much help but didn't want you to go unanswered!!

TheBlonde Thu 10-May-07 16:13:03

Thanks Haribosmum

Bubbaloo Thu 10-May-07 19:00:16


I have the jabs every 3 months and have been having them for around 7 years now.
I also don't think I've ever had my B12 levels checked.

TheBlonde Thu 10-May-07 19:04:11

Hi bubbaloo - didn't they check them during pregnancy?

Troutpout Thu 10-May-07 19:12:38

My mum has Jabs every 12 weeks and she gets it checked once a year

Bubbaloo Thu 10-May-07 21:51:32

I had ds2 3 weeks ago and the last few weeks I was up the hospital every day being monitored for possible pre-eclampsia as my bp was very high and I had protein in my urine.I was also having PET tests(bloods) done twice a week,so I think the b12 MIGHT have showed up on there.
It certainly wasn't monitored when I was pg with ds1(had a "textbook" pregnancy)and both times when I mentioned the anaemia no-one seemed concerned about it or made any extra notes.
My FIL also has the jabs every 3 months which I'm sure is the norm,although according to my nurse,a few people do have them every month.

TheBlonde Thu 10-May-07 22:31:31

I was only diagnosed in my 2nd pg
I had a jab just before the baby arrived 7 weeks ago but I've got the sore tongue feeling back so I'm wondering if I need another jab sooner

Bubbaloo Thu 10-May-07 23:21:05

I suppose if you're worried you could ask your gp to test your levels.
Must admit,I've never had a sore tongue so can't comment on that one.

TheBlonde Fri 02-Nov-07 16:01:52


MumtoBen Fri 02-Nov-07 21:10:13

Hi TheBlonde,
I remember you posted before about B12 in pregnancy. Hope worked out for you.

My old practice used to monitor my B12 levels on an annual basis. I moved house a year ago, so have a new practice. My levels were checked twice during my pregnancy. I asked at my 8 week check for a blood test and was shocked when the GP said they don't EVER check B12 levels. I was a bit stupid at the time and didn't pursue it (probably because I was so exhausted!). I'm absolutely exhausted now and DS2 is 4.5 months old, so I might go back and ask for a test. Not sure if it is general exhaustion from breast feeding and having 2 children or low B12 levels. Still having jabs every 3 months.

TheBlonde Fri 02-Nov-07 21:24:57

Hi MumtoBen
Congrats on DS2 smile

I think you should probably go back and ask for a test. Breastfeeding seems to use up lots of B12. My DD is 7mths now and I've had
4 jabs since she arrived and I'm feeling low now but waiting on my last test result

I saw the Haematology nurse this week who helpfully told me feeling exhausted and unable to concentrate is just the result of having small children

latest thing I found
The PA society forum can be useful too

MumtoBen Fri 02-Nov-07 22:08:03

Congrats on your DD too!

DS2 has gone back up to 11 feeds a day, so I dread to think how much milk I am producing. I think I will go back with my husband and ask for a test. My concentration levels are very bad at the moment and that's not like me.

That article on B12 and breastfeeding is interesting. I've only have 1 injection since I had DS2 (am due one in a week or two). I also looked at the PA website a while ago and read some of the pregnancy threads.

A friend of mine was recently diagnosed with PA and has also been diagnosed with thyroid problems. I read on the PA website that these are common in post-natal women. I lost my pregnancy weight with DS1 in 2 weeks and almost as quickly with DS2. In fact I am now 5lbs less than when I got pregnant. It's not dietary related - I'm eating loads. I might ask for that to be checked as well. Has this ever been a problem for you?

TheBlonde Sat 03-Nov-07 08:13:40

Wow 11 feeds a day. It's amazing how we fit it all in really!

I also have thyroid problems but I'm hypo so take thyroxine. That and too much cake means I now weigh more than I did post birth blush

It's probably worth asking your doc though

MumtoBen Sat 03-Nov-07 08:18:48

Thanks, TheBlonde

TheBlonde Thu 31-Jan-08 18:20:13

just bumping to see how everyone is doing?

TheBlonde Fri 29-Feb-08 13:51:07

Does anyone else get mouth ulcers? not sure if mine are connected to the B12

Bubbaloo Fri 29-Feb-08 14:48:49

I don't get any mouth ulcers and have B12 jabs every 12 weeks.

TheBlonde Fri 29-Feb-08 16:37:50

thanks, I usually don't get them until my jab is due but it's only been 4 weeks

ismisemama Fri 29-Feb-08 19:12:34

Hi TheBlonde,
I have low B12 too and had the sore tongue thing as well as other symptoms.My GP said they weren't anything to do with b12,but most of them aren't as bad now as my levels are slowly going up.
I get my injection monthly, but start feeling tired about a week before I'm due one, don't know if this is just in my head tho..

TheBlonde Fri 29-Feb-08 19:18:09

I'm getting jabs about every 8 weeks at the moment, my B12 was 600ish just before my last jab so I don't think it should be low again already

A sore tongue is one of the symptoms of low B12 and the haematologist nurse seemed concerned about the ulcers when I went last time and refered me to the gastro dept

I'm due to have a endoscopy/colonoscopy but need to stop breastfeeding first

ismisemama Fri 29-Feb-08 19:21:55

oooh ,I was supposed to have one of those but chickened out!

TheBlonde Fri 29-Feb-08 19:23:40

I really don't fancy it at all

ismisemama Fri 29-Feb-08 19:29:36

They do offer sedation , my fil had one and couldn't remember anything,I'm just really paranoid about choking in general though so couldn't go thro with it.

Do you get any other symptoms when your b12 is low?

A really weird one for me is twitching and numbness in my face.

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