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Permanently blocked nose, will the GP dismiss it?

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fuzzyduck33 Mon 19-Mar-18 21:00:39

Hi! Hoping for a bit of advice. Since November 2017 I've had a blocked nose and crackly chest which is worse at night. At first I assumed it was a lingering cold and ignored it but it's been 4 months now and is getting progressively worse. I'm uncomfortable and breathless throughout the day and my sleep is affected as I regularly wake up feeling like I'm being smothered. Vicks is my new best friend, I've tried decongestants but they don't touch it. Any ideas what this could be? And if I go to my GP will I be dismissed as a time waster with a cold? Thanks!

JanettheNotebookJunkie Mon 19-Mar-18 22:28:46

Same here! God I sympathise about the feeling of being smothered when sleeping - I get it and it's awful. I've got an appointment in a couple of weeks and I'm chaining myself to the GP's leg until she sorts it out.

Good luck!

purpleme12 Mon 19-Mar-18 22:34:13

I can't breathe through my nose but the doctors have never been bothered!

Newmanwannabe Mon 19-Mar-18 23:23:35

5 months with a locked nose a scrackly chest? I’m sure the gp will be happy to hear you out

Newmanwannabe Mon 19-Mar-18 23:24:04

Blocked and crackly. I’m sure auto correct deliberately does it

DrMadelineMaxwell Mon 19-Mar-18 23:25:32

Crackly chest worse at night and breathless could be asthma. And if you have allergies that can make it worse.

I have loratadine antihistamine for perennial allergic rhinitis (aka permanently blocked and stuffy nose) on repeat prescription and it really helps.

fuzzyduck33 Tue 20-Mar-18 04:16:37

Good luck Janet I hope you get sorted!!
DrMad that sounds positive that there's medication which helps. I'll probably go after Easter then smile

user1481271611 Tue 20-Mar-18 05:18:40

Place marking as I have the same, although my gp thinks it's something else hmm

fuzzyduck33 Tue 20-Mar-18 05:48:27

Out of interest, what does your doctor think it is?
My doctor's standard response to everything seems to be "wait 3 weeks" on the basis that if it's really that bad you'll keep coming back. It's irritating as I tend to work through a lot of minor stuff and only go to the GP when I'm at the end of my tether!! Have been up since 4am today because of it angry

user1481271611 Tue 20-Mar-18 06:50:25

He thinks it's gastro reflux wants me to take a prescription for it for month and come back if it does not get any better. Am only 4 days in to the tablets and nothing has changed

MiaowTheCat Tue 20-Mar-18 06:55:08

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

WeAreGerbil Tue 20-Mar-18 07:01:52

I have one mucusy sinus (nice!) and I've been given various decongestants that haven't really worked. My consultant suggested reflux too though I have no other symptoms of it. I've tried Gaviscon a bit half heartedly. But yes definitely see your GP.

allypally999 Tue 20-Mar-18 09:14:53

I've been choked up for years (chronic sinusitus blamed) but I developed a cough last year which I have now had for a whole year. After a battery of tests (ruling out asthma, etc) I am now back on Omeprazole but a stronger dose in case it is reflux (which was the first thing they tried 1 year ago). The cough is less but not gone. I've tried every drug known to chemists and GPs over the years so have my fingers crossed this is it. Good luck fellow choked up peeps!

JanettheNotebookJunkie Tue 20-Mar-18 18:40:28

Let us know how you get on, OP.

Our surgery allocates appointments in the hope that if they make you wait long enough, you'll either be cured of your ailment or be killed by it before you see the GP. I'm not joking

QueenRefusenik Tue 20-Mar-18 18:43:51

Like DrMadelineMaxwell above I'd suggest trying antihistamines while you wait for an appointment. My permanent cold turned out to be allergy to dust mites - daily cetirizine has changed my life!

burblife Tue 20-Mar-18 19:13:48

Ask the gp about asthma and allergic rhinitis. I'm the same as you and was diagnosed with asthma a few years ago. I was also reading last week about nasal polyps and sounds like it might apply.

venetian25 Tue 20-Mar-18 19:21:19

I agree with what others say about allergies. I had something very similar a few years back and it turned out to be allergy/allergic rhinitis - I keep it at bay by taking allergy tablets (cetirizine works best for me).

Hope you get it sorted.

TheLesserWeevil Tue 20-Mar-18 19:23:26

Definitely speak to your GP. My Dad had chronic sinusitis, as a result of which he developed an infection that started chomping through his skull!! Not that I want to worry you or anything. He was admitted into hospital for emergency surgery, and is a lot better now, although seems to have permanently lost his sense of smell/taste. So yeah, go to the GP.

susiegrapevine Tue 20-Mar-18 19:25:06

My sister had nasal polyps for years. Jad surgery to have them removed and could actually smell again!

fuzzyduck33 Tue 20-Mar-18 19:45:47

Thanks! Will definitely go and see what they say. Crossing my fingers it's something that they can sort easily!

ugghhreally Tue 20-Mar-18 22:28:11

Deffo see your gp. I had something similar last year as I was pregnant at the time I put it down to a pregnancy symptom. However, I also had a hacking cough and on going to my Gp (x3 times after having been nagged by husband and parents because I was reluctant to go as worried about wasting gp's time) each time I had a mild temperature (didn't realise at the time). I had antibiotics each Time and was told to do steam inhalations as frequently as possible even if it meant olbas oil in a mug at my desk at work. I also bought some Vicks vapour water (boots) and used that and also used sterimar. All of that helped tremendously. Definitely go and get it checked out.

ugghhreally Tue 20-Mar-18 22:29:13

Sorry meant to say it was sinusitis in my case.

thanksjaneshusbandatcaresouth Tue 20-Mar-18 22:46:04

You may just need a nasal spray. In which case dr will be glad to recommend/prescribe so that you don’t turn to the ones that are only designed for temporary use when you have a head cold.

I remember sleeping 2hrs a night when struck me years ago....

purpleme12 Tue 20-Mar-18 22:52:26

I don't understand nasal sprays cos you have to breathe them up through your nose don't you but if your nose is blocked you can't?

fuzzyduck33 Wed 21-Mar-18 06:18:12

I've had a bad experience with nasal sprays though, cleared it brilliantly but then when it came back it was much much worse, my nose and sinuses were so painful with it. Has anybody else had this or are there better sprays around?

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