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Emergency gynecology appointment

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Vga1984 Mon 19-Mar-18 08:28:48

Hi all
I' here and just a little worried
I know nobody can give me answers just needed to get this off my chest

So I have PCOS and never had regular periods although I have had 2 children and 4 miscarriages I'm.told is odd for PCOS

Anyway I've always been overweight and told.if I loose weigh the PCOS will improve so over the last year i lost 4 stone and my periods did improve for 4 months became a weekly thing for 2-3 days at a time

I went to.the doctor about 7 weeks ago and he decided to send me.gor a scan. I went for the scan this Thursday just gone. Had a normal scan and an internal. When I was leaving the sonographer told me 10 days for the results. 4 hours later my doctor rang me asking come in on friday( the next day)

I went to my appointment on Friday and was told i have a cyst behind my right ovary and my left one was enlarged and not consistent in its appearance??? He had the.nurse do my bloods there and then and refered me for an.emergency gyne

Vga1984 Mon 19-Mar-18 08:31:11

Sorry hit create and don't know how to edit

So I'm.worried about what they found especially with all the urgency

Thanks for listening


HairyBallTheorem Mon 19-Mar-18 08:48:43

No medical knowledge here I'm afraid, so all I can offer is a handhold and flowers. Hopefully it will all turn out okay, and you'll know soon that they've checked everything out really thoroughly.

Vga1984 Mon 19-Mar-18 16:39:12

Thanks for the reply

The hospital just rang to book my appointment in. I go a week on Thursday but she said it was just for a chat with a consultant so we will see how yhat goes xxx

notapizzaeater Mon 19-Mar-18 16:40:50

Cysts are really common in PCOS, have they taken bloods ?

notapizzaeater Mon 19-Mar-18 16:43:23

Sorry just seen they took bloods, they will be looking for markers so the gynaecologist has a better picture and help him decide what to do. I had a huge 9" cyst only found on a scan and ended up having an hysterectomy as it was so large. Hopefully as you have smaller ones you might have different options.

Vga1984 Mon 19-Mar-18 17:17:36

I didn't even think to ask the size when I was at the docs would it be something they told me ??

notapizzaeater Mon 19-Mar-18 17:42:10

The gynaecologist will tell you at his meeting, I know it's hard but try not to worry.

Vga1984 Mon 19-Mar-18 21:04:45

I really am trying not to but it's getting the better if me

When I left the doctors on friday he said the gynacologist would want to do more scans but when the hospital rang they said it would be a consultation

I don't know weather that is a good thing or a bad thing

Will they gynacologist have looked at my scan before they rang for my appointment

I'm such an overthinker 😐😐

Brummiecahhh Mon 19-Mar-18 21:10:55

Of course you're overthinking things, that is totally natural. I don't have experience with this in particular, but I do have experience with consultants.

Start writing down everything you want to ask him, nothing's silly. And take a pen and pad if you want to make notes during. I've asked consultants if I can tape the conversation, just in case I need some reassurance later about what was said. In previous consultations I've had, they've set out the plan - which is really helpful. So make sure you're clear on the next steps before you leave

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