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M.S and fatigue...

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Bluesheep8 Tue 13-Mar-18 13:30:15

Hi, I'll try to keep it brief-just wondered if anyone else was experiencing the same. I was diagnosed with RR MS 19 years ago and after a quick succession of relapses things settled down and I've only had a couple of bouts of vertigo, one episode of uveitis and on going sensory symptoms and fatigue since so I'm actually really fortunate. The problem is that the fatigue is getting worse. I work full time and am falling asleep on the sofa by 8pm. I am also sleeping for a few hours in the afternoons at weekends. I feel like I need all this sleep just to function and that all my energy is being used up at work. It also means that I am unable to socialise after work or at weekends as I have no energy left.. Any advice? I'm not on any medication for M.S btw.

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