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Short cycles

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awkwardsitch Tue 13-Mar-18 05:22:06

How can I make them longer?? I'm not ttc!!

lljkk Tue 13-Mar-18 05:27:35

not sure you can, how short are they?
Mine went from 22 to about 29 days when I took vit. B6 supplements (for another health issue).

awkwardsitch Tue 13-Mar-18 05:29:30

Around 22-25. 35 is the dream grin

lljkk Tue 13-Mar-18 08:59:34

I've had spells of 35 as regular interval, too. No idea why, guess irregular is my normal.

GreenBlackRed Tue 13-Mar-18 10:17:52

I have the same problem would love to know how to make them longer if there was a way! It was helpful when TTC but now just a total pain.

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