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MumofBean Mon 12-Mar-18 20:45:22

Bare with me, this will be a long post! Hoping someone will be able to offer some advice.

Had my first child 4.5 years ago. Easy pregnancy, awful labour. Long labour which resulted in forceps, tear, episiotomy and stitches.

The following year after the birth, I was in and out of hospital with complications with healing. I couldn't go to the toilet, once up to 12 days. I was admitted several times (back passage problems then caused bladder problems). Catheter, enema and finally Botox to relax the muscles (severe fissures). Finally the realised after 12 months I had a fistula (rectal to vagina) and I had an operation to correct this which solved the pain issue.

However, I have been diagnosed with having a prolapse and been going to physio for over a year now. Prolapse rectal, uterus and bladder. I am also incontinent (wee).

I have been doing the exercises but I feel like we haven't got very far in the whole length of time I have been going. I'm due a routine appointment soon with physio and would really like to be firm and say that this isn't working for me and ask what my options are. Who could I ask to be referred to? What options would I have, if anyone has been in a similar position?

I feel like I haven't got adequate information and don't want another 6 months of these appointments where I feel I am getting no further.

Any advice would be appreciated. I am in my early 30s


MissTulipan Mon 12-Mar-18 21:19:56

Sounds like you are having a difficult time. I would think you would need to be referred to a gynaecologist who specialises in pelvic floor prolapse. Sorry if that is staying the obvious! There are of course colo rectal and urology related elements too but I think a gynachologist would be the starting point. When did you last see your GP about it as assuming a referral would need to come from them as opposed to the physiotherapist.

I have a mild rectocele, recently discovered so have been reading up
on that. You have my sympathies and hope you can get some more information soon.

moreismore Mon 12-Mar-18 21:21:15

Have a look into hypopressives-it’s a gentle exercise technique with some really good evidence for helping with these sorts of problems.

MissTulipan Mon 12-Mar-18 21:44:48

Thanks moreiore I just looked that up and will give it a try. I have quite tonned abs but I like the idea behind this technique.

moreismore Tue 13-Mar-18 17:30:43

No worries! I had a taster session from a trainer recently and was really impressed. Hope it helps smile

Jassmells Mon 26-Mar-18 22:25:41

I would echo seeing a specialist Physio. If you are in the midlands look up Harborne Pregnancy and Physiotherapy clinic, there is a lady there called Fiona who specialises in this, you can also reach her via Facebook @MotivatedMums page. Hope this helps and hope you get sorted.

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