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Ultrasound - asking me questions now I’m worried!!

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BroomHandledMouser Mon 05-Mar-18 17:32:25

I’ve just had an ultrasound scan to check for bloating issues I’ve been having of late.

Whilst doing the scan, the doctor asked me when my next period was and what if any contraception I was using.

I’m about due on and we don’t use anything but condoms.

She kept focusing in on a specific area next to my belly button.

I feel really worried, it’s standard practise to ask these things right?

I have to wait 5 days for the results, and once she was done she went off and typed a load of stuff on her laptop and left the HCA to sort me out.

I feel really worried, is there anyone out there who could share some light?
Thanks x

Draylon Mon 05-Mar-18 23:41:26

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

PJ67 Tue 06-Mar-18 00:13:41

I wouldn't worry too much about those questions. I think the thickness of the uterus is different throughout your cycle so it's probably necessary for them to know this so they can judge what's normal. Whether it was a doctor or a sonographer they probably went off to type the report straight away before moving on to the next patient.

DPotter Tue 06-Mar-18 00:27:15

Absolutely a standard question when having an abdominal investigation for a woman of child bearing age. Doesn't mean she's checking for a pregnancy and if you think about it, looking around your belly button would be too high if your last period was about 4 weeks ago

AlishaMary Tue 06-Mar-18 06:58:14

Plus she would have just told you if you were pregnant!

PollyPerky Tue 06-Mar-18 08:54:32

A lot depends on who does the scan and 'protocol' but it's always a good idea to ask at the time. ie 'What are you looking for now?' 'Why are you focusing on that area?'

I have a lot of scans privately and the dr who does it is happy to engage in a conversation. I know this might not be standard NHS behaviour or if it's a technician and not a dr doing it. But it doesn't hurt to ask at the time.

I'm sure there is nothing wrong and yes they would need to ask those questions. Your belly button area is too high for anything gynae.

BroomHandledMouser Fri 09-Mar-18 12:37:03

So they’ve found something it would appear.

Doctor called yesterday and would like to see me Monday to discuss.

Will this year give me a fucking break already?

notapizzaeater Fri 09-Mar-18 13:14:18

My scan found a cyst, could be something as simple as that.

BroomHandledMouser Fri 09-Mar-18 13:36:38


And when he tells me that I’ll rest easy, but until then...

pnutter Fri 09-Mar-18 13:39:33

Good luck Broom . I have a scan booked for next week due to pelvic pain and bloating.

MagicJay Fri 09-Mar-18 13:40:21

Oh goodness. Why does he tell you that by phone on Friday? It means you spend your entire weekend with that hanging over you!

notapizzaeater Mon 12-Mar-18 22:42:52

How did you get on today ?

MrsEricBana Tue 13-Mar-18 17:56:16

How are you OP?

MrsDilber Mon 19-Mar-18 21:40:33

How did it go OP?

Draylon Thu 22-Mar-18 20:43:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MagicJay Thu 29-Mar-18 09:18:09

A quick search for the OP shows she’s posted a couple of times since her last post here and although she’s not mentioned this issue she has had a lovely Mother’s Day and was spending time with friends and enjoying a few drinks, so hopefully that indicates that all is well. smile

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