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JaneyT Tue 09-Jul-02 16:00:00

My youngest dd - 14 months - still has a quite bad reflux action after drinking her bed time milk.

She still has gaviscon powder in it, but it doesn't always work - if we try to put her to bed and she is not completely asleep, then one cough will bring the lot up...just lately we then put her to bed, and adopt a controlled crying approach, and she will usually go to sleep - before we used to give her another bottle - which she sometimes would also bring up. Dr says it doesn,t usually happen after 2 years - but any tips would be appreciated as the constant sickness each night gets a bit waring!

threeangels Tue 09-Jul-02 18:32:00

Do you have your child stay up for a little bit after she drinks. Its probally not good to lie down right after drinking especially thick milk. It may need to settle in her tummy a little while.

mollipops Wed 10-Jul-02 06:50:08

I agree with threeangels. You could also try propping her mattress up slightly at the pillow/head end, by placing a rolled up towel or a pillow under that end, so she is not lying so flat. HTH.

JaneyT Wed 10-Jul-02 08:10:48

We have tried propping her bed up, but most times we don't get as far as bed - she is often sick just lying in our arms.

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