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Educate yourselves on sepsis.

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Mrsjellybum Mon 19-Feb-18 06:47:28

So there are lots and lots of threads debating if / when people should go to A&E. Lots of comments saying it may be sepsis.

Firstly I feel if anyone feels unwell enough to have to post on here and ask the question, then they should just seek medical attention straight away.

However I feel everyone needs to read up on sepsis and educate themselves in the facts. I feel lots of people on here most likely have but I'll just leave this here for everyone to peruse

confusedhelpme Mon 19-Feb-18 06:48:38


SmittenApril Mon 19-Feb-18 07:19:57

Thanks for posting

ilovesprouts Mon 19-Feb-18 10:02:05

a friend of mine has just lost his ex to sepsis they have two young kids 😢

Tanfastic Mon 19-Feb-18 11:01:16

I'm currently suffering with bacterial tonsillitis and also a urine infection and some of my symptoms came up on the symptoms for sepsis. I was worried and dragged myself to the walk in centre but its tonsillitis. I did notice a big poster in the waiting room about sepsis so I think doctors and nurses do seem on the ball with it a lot more than they used to be.

I think the problem is patients getting themselves looked at early enough and not being fobbed off by a crusty old gp with a virus or flu.

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