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arling Thu 15-Feb-18 00:44:26

MIL wants to take my 10 month old out same morning every week and I have always sometimes reluctantly understood and allow this even though she's EBF , she care 5 days ago with the flu and never told me . Since then both me baby and husband very ill and have had to seek help from my side of family to deal with a very poorly child never mind me . I'm at wits end as she denies it was her and wants to come take her out this week and if I say no she will turn up to visit. I am unable to entertain and can't do it . I told her my baby's sick and she told me I was a very negative person ! This is the 3rd time she's made my baby Sick from her weekly visit ! Am I over reacting , and I'm sick with a fever and feeling sorry for myself . Baby lie next to me and it's 5 night with no sleep for me !

missmorleyme Thu 15-Feb-18 00:55:06

No you are not over reacting. Its cruel and irresponsible to turn up not well. She should stay away when she has something contagious and if your family have something conts. I would tell her to stay away while you all get batter, to take a baby out when not well or have to host someone when feeling like shit is horrible. She should own up to what she has done, passing her illness on to your family and respect your wishes about not coming over when not well. She sounds very stubborn and idiotic, no offence.

arling Thu 15-Feb-18 01:06:34

Yeah she is ! It's been the cause of a lot of stress since baby was born , I am just so upset but im scared to tell her no but I'm just going to have to do it
Thanks for your help

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