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Eye Eczema and make up...

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Cosmic706 Wed 14-Feb-18 18:17:03

Hi all! Wondered if anyone would be able to give me any tips. I suffer from eczema on my eye lids, especially during the winter, and it's a lot worse when I wear make up. I have tried so many brands and researched a lot but never found anything that people specifically recommend for eczema sufferers. Would love to go back to wearing mascara at the very least as I am fed up of people telling me how tired I look!! 😂 anybody have any recommendations?

sonsmum Thu 15-Feb-18 16:40:50

alas eye eczema is very aging. If you know it is the makeup causing the eczema, then don't wear it!
In the winter ensure you are looking after your eyelids very carefully to avoid flare ups.
There could be so many things causing the eczema: the makeup, the applicators, or just the action of applying and wiping it away etc
It may take a while to get rid of a case of eyelid eczema, spring weather will help. Use a moisturiser day and night on your eyelids. I use aveeno and this winter i had no eyelid issues (but then i don't wear eye make up often)

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